Thursday, October 27, 2011

Send the Trend Ventures Into Nail Polish!

Well over a month ago I learned from Divya Gugnani that Send the Trend would be offering nail polishes as part of their accessories selection. I was surprised when the eyeshadow sets came out first since I actually heard about the polishes before the shadows. Divya informed me  that the polish took longer to formulate, that STT went through many iterations of the formula before deciding to release these. I also managed to get some other tid bits of info about theses sets out of her so that I could share SOMETHING with you. Here's what I learned:
  •  All sets come with 3 colors, plus dual 1 base/top coat.
  • A quick dry top coat will be sent to STT VIPs  - I do not know who those are nor do I know if that is conditional on whether or not they purchase a polish set etc.
  • All polishes are Big 4 free.
  • I don't know all the sets but there IS a red set (pictured), a metallic set, and a French manicure set.
  • The metallic set contains a purple.
  • There is a polish called "Divya" and it's metallic denim color - how could it not be?
  • STT is reporting these as very chip-resistant, with week long wear possible.
  • The sets will most likely cost the same $29.95 amount. 
Particularly with that last statement - you know if there's one person who will have chipping problems with polishes it's me.  I am excited about these polishes and these sets. If they turn out to be good quality polishes then they will be worth the price.  I have a hunch I will like them more than I did Send the Trend Eye Shadow.  After all, how could I possibly judge the polishes on an eye shadow?  Expect me to splurge on at least one set of these sets.

What do you think? Will your tips be dripping with STT polish this November?

Image belongs to Send The Trend.