Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sister Post: Blushes You Can't Have - Cargo Gotham

Many apologies to the lovely Elvira at Pink Sith. I have been remiss in my duties as a Sister Blogger in posting my hard to find blushes. Hopefully I can finish the year strong!

I have a little bit of an infatuation with Batman. No secret. I love him and anything connected to him. A million years ago when I was on MUA and going through swatches I found this blush by Cargo called “Gotham”. Sold!

Cargo Gotham
Cargo Gotham Blush

Cargo Gotham
One problem with that – At the time I found the blush it was already a discontinued blush. So, utilizing MUA,  I put it on my wish list. A month or so later, one of the people with whom I had talked frequently on MUA was looking through my list and saw that I wanted Gotham. She had my coveted blush and sent it to me just to be nice.

Cargo Gotham
Gotham is singular in my collection by both being warm and cool at the same time, yet not exactly neutral. At times the color is straight up pink, other times it looks more coral/rose when the particles are mussed up. When the powder is laying flat and un-mussed you can see a blue-lavender sheen on top. It’s a very complex shade for a blush  and I have not found it's equal in all ways. Sure, I have found similar but nothing quite the same. That makes it special!

My Gotham blush is old. If I use it I give a good wipe first to make sure it’s not carrying any zit-creating bacteria. But I’m not going to chuck her! After all, she’s unique. And you can’t have her.

Blushes You Can't Have On Pink Sith

Blushes You Can't Have is a series originated on the Pink Sith Blog. Pretty in Dayton participates with the expressed permission of the Pink Sith Blog