Monday, October 10, 2011

Visiting Clash Consignment in Downtown Dayton

Clash Consignment Oct 2011

Clash Consignment Oct 2011
Ms. Mary Katherine Burnside
This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to tag along with local designer Tracy McElfresh on a visit to Clash Consignment to do a photo shoot of her latest fall cape collection. More on that later, but I wanted to tell you about Clash!

Clash Consignment Oct 2011This store, run and owned by Mary Katherine Burnside, a lovely young woman who I met during the PUSH Dayton Fashion Show last spring. I was very excited to make her acquaintance again - you know what it's like when you meet someone very cool and nice but forget to connect. Well, second chance! Yay!

Clash, from my understanding, started out as a space being used for storage for another store. Mary Katherine came to the conclusion that the space could make a great store space too. And eventually she signed the lease and opened up Clash.

Clash Consignment Oct 2011Now Clash isn't your typical consignment store - at least not how I think of them. Here are the reasons why you might consider Clash over some other options:
  • The selection is... ecclectic - you'll find a lot of different things here. You're not going to be limited to designer duds. The focus is on your own style. Be forewarned - much of it is TINY. But you know once I start bringing my clothing there that will all change.
  • There's an art gallery! - I was enthralled with the walls of Clash. Selections from local artists line the walls, some available for purchase. It's like a mini museum of contemporary art. Most of it is a little off the wall and absolutely delightful (I vividly remember a picture of Jesus tagging his own tomb with the spray painted words "Roman's Suck!", and some little figurines that have been splattered with blood). You'll enjoy it.
  • There's a stage - Every first Friday of the month, Clash throws a party! They have live music, food and beverages (yes alcoholic) and you can come in and hang. Clash Consignment Oct 2011
  • Couches and a kitchenette to make you feel at home - In the back there are a set of couches around a coffee table, a kitchenette with a bar. When I saw it, the movie How to Mary A Millionaire popped into my head and I could just imagine transforming it into a space where local designers could show off their items to a few select individuals, like a specialized Trunk Show.
Clash Consignment Oct 2011I hope this was the first of may happy returns for me. The store has a real community feel to it. In fact, while were in there I ran into at least one other person I've met before (very rare for me). This store is not just  a place to buy clothing and trinkets - it's also a place to make friends. It gets a definite recommendation from this blog!

Clash Consignment is located at 113 E. 3rd Street in Dayton Ohio.
Visit Clash Consignment's website - you'll find hours and special events there.
To stay up to date with Clash Consignment, visit Clash's Facebook page.