Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Year Later - Still Dreaming of DVF Patchwork Jori...

I thought today I would reflect on one of my most coveted (and briefly owned disasters) the DVF Jori Dress in the patchwork menswear fabrics.

As you may recall, last November I actually acquired this dress.  I fell in love, but the zipper presented a problem. Fall is upon us once again and I continue to dream about the adorable (and kick-ass) Jori dress in the grey menswear prints I adored.

At the time of the zipper disaster I wrote off obtaining this dress for fear of another zipper problem. I said to myself "There will be another dress!" and several of you, my readers, agreed with me. I find that contrary to what I had said, there hasn't been "another dress" and my mind continues to stray to this Jori.

Ebay still offers options. My beloved patchwork Jori continues to make appearances. But I'm hesitant since the cost his higher than I paid back in November and you never know if you're getting a knock off. I may have to send an inquiry back to and see if they still have this stashed somewhere... I doubt it but hope lives on...
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