Monday, November 7, 2011

China Glaze Does A Marlyn Monroe Inspired Collection? Heck Yeah! Give me that Eye Candy!

What a shame I don't have better images to show you. And by now I know you've seen this press release on several blogs. So Let me just discuss China Glaze's Eye Candy and my first thoughts (sight unseen of course):

As far as I can tell based on what I've read about the polishes this collection has several things going for it:
  1.  It's coming out next month and EVERYONE loves glitter during the holidays.
  2. This glitter is supposed to be different - Multisized... maybe that's not new anymore but I'm curious to see what China Glaze does with it.
  3. It's Marilyn Monroe Inspired - that automatically means I'm on board with it.
So what are the colors...
  • Love Marilyn: Vivacious Red with Shimmering Silver Particles
  • Blonde Bombshell: Glistening Multidimensional Gold Flecks
  • Lorelei’s Tiara: Sterling Silver Infused with Blue Sprinkles
  • Material Girl: Posh pink with Holographic Bubblegum Glitter
  • Some Like It Haute: Graphite Gray with Holographic Glitter
  • Marry A Millionaire: Alluring Amethyst with Multi-tonal Fibers
I don't know about you but I think Some Like it Haute and Lorelei's Tiara have my name written all over them! This of course means that I'll end up dying over a completely different color in the collection (that usually happens when I go off of names and color descriptions by themselves). Either way, I'm excited - and glitters don't usually have me THAT excited because it means WORK.

What do you think? Are you in the mood for a bit of Eye Candy?