Monday, November 21, 2011

China Glaze Some Like it Haute and Lorelei's Tiara

My wonderful contact at China Glaze took my interest in their Eye Candy collection and sent me my wish list of what I'd probably pick for myself if I were buying site unseen. As a result I have two polishes for you today: Some Like it Haute and Lorelei's Tiara

Some Like it Haute

China Glaze - Some Like It Haute

China Glaze - Some Like It Haute

I had this one picked as my favorite before I got my sample. We all know how much I love gunmetal polishes, right? Some Like it Haute is a a gunmetal glitter at it's base with different size rainbow particles. It's a stunner and I predict will be many people's favorite out of this collection. It's a bit lumpy but we'd expect that with a glitter. But after all "Nobody's perfect". Right? (If you didn't get that go watch the movie - it's awesome).

Lorelei's Tiara

China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara

China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara

Lorelei's Tiara is a dense silver base with blue larger glitter. This one lies a little bit smoother than Some Like it Haute. I'll be honest, when I put both of these on this was not my favorite. But after wearing it for a little while this color really grew on me and I would reach for it again before it's sister. My pinky on this hand stayed perfect for days. I kept staring at it marveling at it. When I realized I was looking at it more than the color on my left hand, I knew that  my favorite had flopped.

Both polishes were 3 coats to achieve desired opacity. They were applied over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with a fresh bottle of Seche Vite. (Yay! I love my Seche Vite!)


Normally glitters wear very well on me. I think they have some brick and mortar action going on. However, these polishes chipped on me within a day, and then they started coming off in large clumps. I owe this primarily to the amount of coats I used. Incidentally, removal of what was left over that didn't chip off was a pain in the ass and I ended up chiseling off most of it. Not great for my nails.

Bottom Line
If you're willing to put up with the removal and you want to risk possible chipping, then I'd say go ahead and purchase these. They are fun and totally holiday appropriate. Of the two, I think you might be happier with Lorelei's Tiara than Some Like it Haute due to wear, but I think the Some Like it Haute is destined to be come a little bit of a cult favorite. Just a hunch there.

These polishes were furnished to me by PR for review purposes.  I do not sell China Glaze products nor am I affiliated with China Glaze in any way.