Friday, November 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Dark Side of the Moon

Why am I reviewing this polish now when it's been out for so long and it has many MANY man duplicates?

Deborah Lippmann - Dark Side of the Moon

Deborah Lippmann - Dark Side of the Moon

The answer to that is simple: Blind, stupid, dumb, love and a broken heart.

I've always wanted this polish as part of my Lippmann collection. It's not very original (anymore), but I've always felt it was core to Ms. Lippmann's collection. Also, it's a "classic", one that I think nearly every polish fan should have. And yet I resisted purchasing it for so long because it's silly name reminded me of someone special I should have disregarded my feelings for long ago.

I realized in the last year or so that I am officially "over it" as much as I ever can be. Therefore I can buy this polish, remember that person should the memories come up, and not be upset by how events transpired. Healthy... certainly more so than in the past. Regardless,  I have the polish in my collection now - somehow that's a little bit of a closure for me.

Deep aubergine creme. On the nail it can almost look black. You've seen it before.

Two coats, no problems.

As with any of Debrorah Lippmann's "Classic" polishes, you know you'll get good wear.

Bottom Line
You don't need this polish, as it has dupes. But I needed it. I really needed it.

I wonder if Ms. Lippmann ever considers that she could stop someone from purchasing a polish because of an association with the name?

I purchased Dark Side of the Moon from Deborah Lippmann's site for $16.