Friday, November 18, 2011

Gold Canyon Now Does Online Parties! How AWESOME is that?

Sugar Cookie Candle
I am a huge believer in scent being an influence of mood. And I believe that just like a personal perfume scent can bring together a look by finalizing that last missing accessory, or by how wearing a certain perfume can make you feel sexy and confident, that home fragrance also has the ability to put you at ease, make you feel special, or make a clean room seem even that much more clean than it actually is. I adore it when my bed sheets are lightly scented with lavender, and when the library in my house smells like the calming scent of baking cookies.

Back in April, I wrote about my having a Gold Canyon Candle Party at my home  in which I talked about my love of candles, particularly Gold Canyon Candles. And I am happy announce here that Gold Canyon has embraced the digital age.

My demonstrator, Melissa Keenan, informed me this week that Gold Canyon will now be doing "Online" Parties. This means that you are no longer restricted to having an awkward "Please buy something!" party at your house. You no longer have to purchase items for your friends and relatives that don't live near you but do want to take advantage of your party. And, as a host or hostess, you can advertize to a larger audience and potentially earn a greater reward for booking your party online. I think it's genius and yes, I'm going to take advantage of it!

My First Online Gold Canyon Party
From now until December 15th, you can purchase through my Online Party with my wonderful consultant Melissa Keenan.  Here's how:
  1. Go to Melissa's Site.
  2. Select what you want to purchase.
  3. At check out, enter the code: 5177662  
  4. Respond to this post telling me what you ordered! (I'm just curious).
Your items will be shipped directly do you from the website and I'll be closing the party on December 15th, that way any holiday gifts purchased will be sent in time to make Christmas at least.

My Own Personal Incentive
If you order from my sale, I'll enter you into a random drawing for a 26 oz Heritage Candle of your choice.

Have fun shopping!

Note: Only US and Canada currently.