Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The NEW Beachbody Challenge - Let's Get Serious About Fitness!

For quite a while now I've been on a continuous journey to lose weight, get healthy, look better (being honest here) and get more fit. I've found much success through Beachbody. With the help of Beachbody products I have lost about 50 lbs. I continue to stay in shape. And, although I only intended on getting a discount when I signed up as a coach, I do occasionally make a little money. Most of that goes back to challenges and encouraging people to lose weight and get healthy themselves. Most of the times these challenges are short term, people don't stick with them, and they don't develop healthy habits.

That all changes today. Or at least I hope it will.

Deeply discounted prices if you read what you're getting (left).
Take the Beachbody Challenge!
New Beachbody Challenge Packs
Starting today, Beachbody is offering challenge packs. The intention of these packs is to give YOU the same tools I have had over the last few years, but in a bundled package with a bit of a discount. Here is what a challenge pack contains:
  1.  Your chosen workout - You can pick from P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Body Gospel, Slim in 6, 10 Minute Trainer, Power 90, RevAbs, Brazil Butt Lift, and Turbo Jam at different price points. Whatever program you choose, you WILL see results if you follow it. I'm proof of that. Note: Beachbody will be adding more packs later on for things like Asylum and my personal favorite ChaLEAN Extreme. 
  2. Shakeology on Home Direct - Every month, your choice of Shakeology flavor (or variety) will be shipped to your door.  This is the intended to supplement a meal of your choice, helping you get healthy by cleaning out your diet!
  3. FREE BONUS: Beachbody CLUB membership for 1 month - Not only is this intended to give you access to awesome support, but also to give you access to Club Members only areas like the Meal Planner. We want you to have the ability to plan delicious and healthy meals to fuel your workouts and speed your weight loss. While you will get a meal guide with your workout, the Beachbody meals available in the Club membership can give you more structure and opportunity to add more variety.  If you choose to continue, after one month you will be charged. Did I mention you get 10% off ANYTHING you purchase on Beachbody while you're a Club member? Well you do!
  4. The opportunity to enter the Beachbody Challenge - By going through this right, you will see results. You can enter yourself for cash prizes that go along with the Beachbody challenge. And you know what? You just might win! It is possible - I've met people who've won. I haven't yet, but I keep trying every month. Next month, it could be you!
  5. ME as your coach -  read below...
The Challenge Group
For the first 5 people purchasing Challenge packs this month from me I will be DEDICATED to helping you. You will get priority from me over other customers. Your needs come first! I want you to succeed! I will create a private Facegroup for us five. We will be able to keep each other accountable and help each other through this. If you want I'll even set up check in calls. Whatever we can do to help you in the month of this challenge! And you will have each other. You will not be alone!

My hope is that this group will continue to support one another longer than the initial 30 days. I believe with people dedicated to the group we will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships based on the desire to be more healthy and fit.

Questions you might have:
  • What if I already have a workout program or like to do some other form of workout?  -  these challenge pack and membership in MY challenge group require you to purchase one of these challenge packs. But we can always take a look at what you have and what you want to do and create a hybrid workout together that will be more pleasing to you.
  • What if I already have Shakeology? - Well, by purchasing a pack you will get another order of Shakeology on Home Direct. You will have to cancel your original order, or keep both. Shakeology cookies are a great way to use up extra Shakeology... just sayin'.
  • Do I have to do the same workout as everyone else in the group pf 5? - No. I'm not running my Challenge Group that way. If you all choose the same workout, that's a happy coincidence.  I will support you all the same!
  • What if I want to be a challenge group but have a different coach? - Then please talk to your coach. I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes. 
  • What if I can't afford to do this at this time? - Save your cash and wait for the next Challenge Group! I will be running these again! I promise.
  • What if I don't want to drink Shakeology or use one of Beachbody's workouts at all?  - Hey, then this group isn't for you. But I'll still support you in your goal! We'll keep in touch. These 5 will get my attention first, though. 
  • Can I get an even bigger discount?  - YES! If you sign up as a coach under me and purchase your Challenge Pack AT THE SAME TIME your initial start up fee as a coach is waived ($40). Then you'll get 25% discount on anything you purchase from Beachbody. 
How Do I Get My Challenge Pack
It's not readily viewable, but here's how you do it:
  1. Create a Team Beachbody Site - use the link provided here and you will be my customer. If you want to be on my team you MUST do this step!!!
  2. Once you have an account, click on Commit to Get Fit. (or use this link provided) If you've already done this step, go through the process a second time and you will see the pack options.
  3. Choose the pack you want and purchase it. 
Once I receive notification of your purchase I will be in touch about the Challenge and how we're getting started. 
    If you are interested but I haven't answered your question above, please let me know and I'll try to answer it in comments.

    There are only 5 spots for this first Challenge Group! Get your name on my list ASAP! 

    I am an Independent Beachbody Coach. Visit my Beachbody site.