Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Hi. My name is Styrch, and I'm an Addict. My drug of choice: Frozen Snickers. 

The Halloween damage continues! I got suckered into frozen Snickers... my weakness. Today I stepped on the scale, saw the number, and promptly took the remaining Snickers into work. I have to get it out of the house. My husband insists I exercise will power. I have none. I do what I works for me, which is avoidance. Who's been successful at losing weight and keeping it off? Me! My husband can suck it.

Weight: 157.2 (+2.6 lbs)

It's time to get back to what I know works: exercise and keeping track of my food!

Incidentally, I was watching The Biggest Loser last night. They had a segment on with a neurologist who showed the way the pleasure center of the brain responds to food by sight and by ingestion, focusing on differences between obese people and lean people. What it boiled down to was that those of us who are hefty get really happy at the sight of food, but eat it and don't feel as good - so we eat more. Once we get lean, we have rewired our brains to behave more like lean people but it only takes a week of bad eating to get the "obese brain" response going again. The lesson to be learned? Constant vigilance!!!

I'd love to see what that neurologist makes of me considering weight loss and food is a continual source of anxiety for me. I also want to see my brain's response before and after Shaun T or Turbo. That would be fun.

So did you have any fall out from Halloween? What was your weakness? It's ok, you can admit them here. No judgement.