Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Send The Trend - Zoe Metallic Nail Polish Set

Send the Trend - Zoe Metallic Set

After trying Lourdes Neutral Palette I was skeptical about Send The Trend offering makeup products. But seriously, polish is a bit different than eyeshadow so I had give it a go. This time I chose which set I wanted the most: The Zoe Metallic Set.

Note: Since all the polishes in this set are metallics I cannot comment on the cream formula.

The Colors

Divya's Denim

Send the Trend - Divya's Denim

Send the Trend - Divya's Denim

This color is a "Superman blue" in metallic form. Seriously, you could paint this right on the Man of Steel and it would match his tights. It's not denim, in my mind. But "denim" as a descriptor to me describes a material rather than a color. You can, after all, have red denim. Regardless, this particular blue is unlike any other blue that I own in it's freshness. It's a good medium blue, where other blues seem to lean lighter or darker, or... well... greener or purpler. My pictures make it look a bit darker than it really is on the nail.

Naina's Venom 

Send the Trend - Naina's Venom

Send the Trend - Naina's Venom

This is the least unique of the three polishes. She's a dark metallic purple. It's a fine color, fabulous actually. But if you have metallic red-purples you probably have something similar. It is, however, the easiest to wear out of the three polishes.

Kelsey's Kraze

Send the Trend - Kelsey's Kraze

Send the Trend - Kelsey's Kraze

When I first saw this in pictures I thought it was going to be a taupe or "gilver" foil. I was so excited! When I put it on my nail the color was a lot darker. It's more brown. The finish also isn't foil - it's near-holo. There are holo particles in here but they don't stand out screaming "I'm flashing rainbows!!!" They only appear if the light hits it just so and you're staring.  The finish reminded me, in the end, more of stone - similar to Joe's Fresh Style Gunmetal. But they are not dupes either.

With the exception of Kelsey's Kraze, all polishes were applied with two coats, using the Send The Trend Base/Top Coat. Kelsey's Kraze I used three coats. The base/top coat performed quite well. I didn't like waiting for my polish to dry, but it sure did hold up! The only draw back, of course, is that if it's not perfectly dry, you might get what Beauty Blogging Junkie would call a "Bedicure".
Did I mention that none of these colors streaked like we all dread with metallics? That's super good news!

I only wore Divya's Denim and Naina's Venom for 3 days.  But in those three days I hardly had any chips beyond normal tip wear. Kelsey's Kraze I wore for 5 days before I started to see larger chips, and those were because my nail had started to fail. Great performance!

Bottle size comparison
Bottle Size Comparison: Color Club, Zoya, STT, Essie
I have the feeling these come in a tin just to make sure they arrive intact. But the tin is superfluous. I don't really know what I'll do with it. The bottles of polish are smaller that similarly shaped bottles. Since the Send the Trend bottles do not mention how many fl/oz they contain I can only assume that they whole less product than other polish brands we know and love.

1 Credit or $29.95. That's about $7.48 per bottle in this set (including top coat, excluding tin). That put's the price on par with many other brands out there. You probably get less polish, but the quality in this set was much higher than I expected (and higher than I've paid for some other brands *coughChanelcough*.

Bottom Line
I would definitely recommend the Zoe Metallic Nail Polish Set from Send the Trend. If you play your cards right you may be able to wait for a coupon toward the end of the month and get them for cheaper in order to justify the smaller bottles.

You can browse My Style page on Send the Trend and purchase Zoe Metallic Nail Polish Set.