Monday, November 28, 2011

Sampling aroma M's Geisha Rouge

I first learned of aroma M's perfumes via the lovely Joey (formerly of Pink Sith, and Too Many Eyeshadows blog, now of Beauty, Bacon and Bunnies). She reviewed aroma M's Geisha Blue and I decided that I wanted to purchase samples of the scents to review for myself. Sadly that review no longer exists online - I wish I could reference it. She described it as "better than Ambien" as I recall (a compliment: being a perfume that calmed her enough to sleep soundly).

Image from aroma M's Website
I've had these little samples for a long time now, and I decided to get out Geisha Rouge when I received an anouncement that aroma M was releasing Geisha Amber Rouge.  Well, before I try out the new one I had better try the original. I dug into my little bag of samples immediately.

Geisha Rouge is a very sexy, spicey scent. The notes in it are tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood, according to the website. They wanted it to be sexy and feminine but not floral... and they succeeded.

Upon application, Geisha Rouge is very heavy with the cinnamon. But as the scent dries down this takes a back seat to the rich notes of sandalwood and clove. I can smell the vanilla and tonka bean, but only after trying really hard to do so. I do not catch the anise, but the tobacco scent is sort of laced through the middle of this. To me the cinnamon in this one is just too strong, and comes off smelling a little bit "Renaissance Fair" perfume oil. The solution for me is to temper it with more vanilla, I think.

When I first tried this on, I'll be honest - I was wearing my workout gear (pre-workout... no sweat yet). I instantly thought I needed to be wearing my leather jacket. Something about this smell made me want to wrap myself if leather, put on some awesome smokey eyes, and hit a classy martini joint. It reminded me of college and Grad School - in a good way. Those days when I'd go hang out with my boyfriend (the wrong guy, by the way) and smell his ever-present leather jacket, cinnamon chewing gum and cigarette smoke.

This isn't really a bad association - I had a lot of fun at that time in my life. But this particular scent may not be for me. I suspect if the Amber notes in Geisha Amber Rouge really shine through, I will adore the update.

I should let you know that HOURS later the cinnamon left for the most part and I smelled just deliciously sweet, instead of deliciously sweet and spicy. 

Bottom Line
If you choose to purchase Geisha Rouge, I suggest you try it first by purchasing a sample. The retail for the perfume is $80, for the oil roll on is $55. To me it's a steep price. But the samples are affordable, and you'll get many scents to be able to try before grabbing just one.

In the mean  time I'll let you know if one of these really does catch me where I'll be willing to purchase a full size.