Monday, November 21, 2011

Shameless Plug: Help me win! Design Competition for Althea Harper on

I don't know why I've been avoiding posting this on my blog. But I'm giving in. (beta) is a site that works in conjunction with designers. The lovely Althea Harper is currently running a contest with them. You design a dress, people vote on the dress by pressing the little heart to "Lyke" it. The dress with the most "Lykes" wins. There is only 1 day and 8 hours left in this particular competition... my dress is 5 Lykes out of first place.

I designed a dress called "Inside Out". I decided to use Althea's Coppola print on the sides of the dress, rather than the center. Many of her dresses have the print in the middle and the sides be solid. I thought this might be visually interesting, and I'm curious to see how it would wear.

The Catch - The "Lyke" Button is Fickle
I've been trying to get friends, families, co-workers to vote for my "Inside Out" design and many have come back saying that it looked like they had already voted though they had never been to the site before. Apparently, if you link directly from Facebook or Twitter it can carry with it the ID of the person who tweeted or linked from to Facebook or Twitter. Talk about a BUG!!!

So How Do You Vote?
  1. Go to - I suggest you type it into your browser.
  2. Click on "Sign In". Choose Facebook.
  3. Verify that YOUR name appears in the corner.
  4. Go to "Decide". Select "Althea Harper".
  5.  Find my design "Inside Out".
  6. Click the grey heart and turn it orange. Watch the number go up! 
Note: If the number doesn't go up but goes down instead, congratulations you've encountered the "Lyke" bug! Just click the heart again, and it will turn orange and register at the number it was before you tried to "Lyke" it. 

You don't have to vote for my design, but I should would love it if you did. Especially since I'm trying something different with the patterns that I think could be really fun and funky. You better believe if I win I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of me in the dress too just for fun!

Thank you in advance!