Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sort of A Review: Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection

Actually, this is far less of a review and more of a Swatch Fest. You see, I have had the polishes for Zoya's Gems & Jewels Holiday Collection for a while now. I wasn't feeling "festive" enough to wear them. Plus, everyone else was posting them all at the same time  - so I waited. The end result was that over the weekend my good friend Kara came over and we busted out the holiday polishes and had a swatch fest....

Confession: I really dislike "swatching"
I can never swatch without being messy. I bow down and admit defeat to the marathon swatchers, the perfect nail bloggers. But I prefer to wear my polishes for a few days, get a test for the wear. I feel the haste I take when swatching creates a lot of waste - wasted photos because they just aren't that good.

What you're about to see is the best of the "waste".  I don't know what it was with these glitters but all of our pictures came out streaky!


Zoya Izzy

Zoya Izzy

Frosty Barbie Pink. I don't think Zoya Izzy is the most inventive color in the world and she didn't apply as evenly as I usually expect from Zoya. This was the first color I swatched, so it should have looked the best.


Zoya Kissy

Zoya Kissy

Zoya Kissy
No flash looked better to me here.

Izzy's sister in this collection is Kissy. She's feisty with rectangular shaped glitter hot pink glitter. Of the three glitters in this collection, Kissy applied with the most even distribution. She seemed to be more densely packed than her sister glitters. Three coats and you can almost wear her on her own.


Zoya Noel

Zoya Noel

Noel is a frosty blue metallic that was unanimously the favorite between myself and Kara. She's icy, easy to wear, applied evenly, and very little issues with strokes. I don't have a duplicate in this finish type.


Imagine if this were a polish and you've got Twila:

Zoya Twila

Zoya Twila

Seriously, this was the most anticipated color of this collection (I thought), and when we took a look on it on Kara's nails we thought of blue Cookie Monster fur. The rectangular glitter doesn't seem as multifaceted as Kissy, but it certainly is interesting and fun. But if you don't take care and apply it correctly, your nails could end up looking furry.


Zoya Holly

Zoya Holly

What a predictable name for this gorgeous lady! She's a straight dark green metallic. Green fanatics will probably adore her. She's typical "Christmas Green", if you know what I mean. It's a color I quite liked on Kara, though I don't think she was too fond of it herself.


Zoya Rina

Zoya Rina

Holiday wreath needles is what came to mind when I saw Rina on Kara. She suffered a little bit from the same application issues as Twila (which made me wonder if these issues were Kara's application issues). Again, she didn't seem to pop as much as Kissy, but she looked the best over her metallic sister of complimentary color... take a look:

Layering Experiments
You've seen them on other blogs, so how could we not try it here?

Glitters over Izzy

Zoya Glitters over Izzy

I'll be honest - I didn't like any of the glitters over Izzy. I thought Kissy blended too well, and neither of the other colors were complimentary enough.

Glitters over Noel

Zoya Glitters over Noel

I really liked Rina over Noel - it was my favorite of all the layering experiments. Twila on Noel was the best color-on-color combo in my opinion as well (but I have a strong preference for blue over green any day).

Glitters over Holly

Zoya glitter over Holly

I marginally liked Twila over Holly. And I do like the color-on-color of Rina over Holly. A less dense spread of Kissy over Holly might work for an interesting Christmas combo.

Kara and I agreed that we think Noel should be picked up, and that Kissy is the best stand alone glitter. I'd recommend Twila as a layering glitter. But overall the only star for us was Noel.

Application Suggestion
Remember Deborah Lippmann's suggestions to me about Marquee Moon? The same rules apply with Kissy, Twila and Rina. They will disperse glitter unevenly. You will have "Pick up" if you don't let them dry between layers. Go slowly, and you'll get the best application of coats. This applies to a single layer as well as multiple layers.

You can purchase the Zoya Gems & Jewels collection individually or as a set from their website. 

Full Disclosure
These polishes were furnished to me by Zoya for the purpose of use and review. I was not paid to provide this review, and have provided my honest opinion of the product. I am unaffiliated with Zoya, Qtica and the Art of Beauty

Special Thanks: Thank you Kara for lending me your tips!