Friday, November 18, 2011

They Beauty Spotlight Team - Mystery Makeup Bag

 Oh my gosh! It's MY turn!!!

Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
My old beat-up MAC makeup bag.

Any guesses as to what's inside?

If you read my post on my traveling to Japan a few years ago this will be familiar....

Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
The unorganized mess!

Ta Da!!!

I rarely ever use a makeup bag.

There I said it. It's true. I'm disorganized. I usually toss my lipsticks, glosses, or whatever into my purse in the morning and go. The next day I'll toss in a different lippie and before you know it I'm three months down the road emptying my purse of all the products that have entered the "Black Hole" because I can't find my favorite gloss of the moment. The only time I pack a makeup bag specifically is when I travel.

My Travel Makeup Bag
For this post I decided to pretend that I was going on a trip. My trips are usually business. But I do still like to have fun with my makeup a little bit. If you read my post on what I packed when I went to Japan a couple of years ago this is going to look very familiar.

What goes into my travel bag usually falls into one of the following categories:
  • (E) Essentials - I don't travel without these items. For Foundations, powders, mascaras these usually change depending on what I'm using at the moment.
  • (O) Obsession - Not a staple, but usually ends up in my bag because I'm obsessed with it at the moment.
  • (S) Stowaways - Often times there are items "left over" in my bag, things from a previous trip that I forgot to remove.
  • (G) Grabbed - I just grabbed it and went with it.
As we go through what I have I'll tell you what category everything falls into.

Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
Urban Decay Primer Potion (E), Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad (E), My Barbie Loves MAC quad (E), Benefit They're Real Mascara (E), Urban Decay Lash Curlers (E), MAC Pearlglide in Wolf (S), MAC Power Kohl in Feline (O), Urban Decay 24/7 Mini in Rockstar (O), MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection (G), Chanel Cream Shadow in Illusoire (O), MAC Eye shadow in Hocus Pocus (S), Evil Shades Eye Shadow in Necropolis (S)

You'd think this would be the "Fun" part of packing but really it's not. I enjoy my lip products a lot more. But I do take a variety. On every trip I pack a Chanel quad. I only own two of these so I just reach in and pull out whatever one comes up first. You can't go wrong! Whether business or pleasure you'll look polished. I also have to have my Barbie Loves Mac quad. Great shadows, fun, can look polished when you want to... win win. Obviously I mascara and primer, so those come along. Urban Decay Primer Potion hasn't changed for me in forever, but I am always trying a mascara (and then usually returning to my MAC Plushlash... which I did not pack this time). Eyeliners I ALWAYS pack the same ones: MAC Pearlglide in Wolf. It's hands down my favorite liner for traveling. MAC Feline Eye Kohl, and Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Rockstar as a mini usually come with me because I can use them easily with everything else I own. Sometimes Feline gets substituted with Smolder if I want to take a different look.  Everything else in my bag ends up there... more or less because I feel like it.


Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
Mary Kay Mineral Foundation in Ivory 6 (E), MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in By Candlelight (O), Mary Kay Blush in Sheer Blush (G), Meow Cosmetics VIP Blush in Ingenue (G)

I love products for the face but when traveling I try to stay pretty neutral. Foundation, something to set it with, and a blush. Maybe two. I usually go neutral with blush so I don't have to think about it. Most often these blushes are the ones I'm using at the moment, which is the case today.


Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
MAC Viva Glam VI Lipstick (E), MAC New York Apple Lipstick (G), MAC Lickable Lipstick (G), MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick (S), Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei (O), Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Momento (O), MAC Quick Tease Lip Glass (G), Inglot Lip Gloss 544 (O), MAC Lip Gelee in Valentine (O), MAC Prep + Prime Lips (E)

The only essential thing for me is to have my MAC Prep + Prime Lip and a neutral pinkish shade. Usually that's MAC Viva Glam VI. Everything else here is for fun.

What did I forget... Oh!

Mystery Makeup Bag Contents
My Tweezermans!!! (BIG E)

Yes, my Tweezermans. I take them. I always lose them. I always find them again. But you never know when that stray hair is going need plucking!!! I always go nuts when I can't find them.

My Brushes and lotions or any "fix it" type stuff like Q Tips get tossed into a different bag, or into my suitcase as they are. Perfume also goes into it's own bag. Same with hair products. That's why you don't see them.

And there you have it. My Makeup Bag.