Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zoya Sloane - "Arkham Harley's" polish of Choice

Remember this picture?

Halloween 2011

Well you probably don't because I don't think I showed it to too many people. If you did see it, were you curious what polish I chose to wear as Arkham Harley? Truly it was a difficult decision.

Zoya Sloane

Zoya Sloane

Do I go red? Do I go purple? Maybe black? And suddenly it came to me - Zoya Sloane!

Shimmery deep dark wine color. It's right between red and purple depending on which color you're comparing it to. The vampy darkness of it makes it a great alternative to a traditional red or a cold black.

Two coats on top of the usual Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator, but I covered it with an OPI fast drying top coat.

I had to apply it twice over Halloween weekend. I don't think the OPI top coat holds up to my love for Seche Vite.

Bottom Line
Zoya quality of course, so the real question is this: Do you like the color? If you do, get it!