Monday, December 19, 2011

Cult Nails Power Thief - If you don't have this you need it!

Cult Nails Power Thief

Once again my picture fails to do this polish justice. When I put Power Thief on, I told my friend Kara that I felt that Cult Nails had "Out Chanel-ed Chanel".  I look to Chanel to do one of three things: put an interesting spin on the trendy color of the moment, set the trendy color of the moment, make conservative shades fun to wear.  I feel like Power Thief did that by turning up subtle shimmer just one notch above Chanel subtle shimmer (so you can actually see it) and sticking it in an otherwise peculiar but conservative shade. The result was total awesomeness.

Mocha brown with multicolor shimmer. The shimmer doesn't show in my picture very well, but trust me - it's there. It's totally chic!

Two coats, no problems.

I got my usual chipping in a day or two, but I did not want to take this off! It was such a fun color.

Bottom Line
Totally worth the splurge. The definite winner for me from the Super Powers collection!

You can get Cult Nails polishes from their website.