Monday, December 26, 2011

Cuticle and Peeling Nails Advice from Ms. Lisa of the Beaute Box

Have YOU signed "The Box" yet? I actually haven't, but I wish I had asked if I could!
The Beaute Box

The Beaute Box The Beaute Box, as you know, is my favorite place in Dayton to go get my nails done. I don't do it often - I have far too many polishes at home. But when I get a craving for a Shellac on the Rocks or a Minx-tini pedicure, I head over to Ms. Lisa.

In Lisa's new location, which I wanted to mention, she has ample space. Not only is she doing nails, but you can have parties come in. If you want the services of an esthetician, she has one - and she'll double team you with a Shellac manicure while you're getting your lashes done (see picture of some patron, not me).

However, when I go see Lisa, she often has advice for me on how to care for my nails. I have two main problems right now: Raggedy Cuticles and Splitting Nails. Let me impart to you Lisa's advice on how to care for these two conditions.

The Beaute Box
Raggedy Cuticles Home Care
  • Solar Oil, Solar Oil, Solar Oil! - Lisa trusts CND as a company implicitly. And she says their Solar Oil is the best. Some Oils have fragrance or other additives that may cause your cuticles to feel dry. So she suggests investing in Solar Oil. But either way, a cuticle oil for Lisa is a MUST!
  • The Post-Shower Routine - After you are done showering every night, take your towel while your hands are still damp. Use the towel friction to push back your delicate cuticles. Lisa says that this is both gentle enough of your tender cuticles and effective.
  • Cuticle Oil at Night, Every Night - I'm a fan of lotions, and I play on my iPhone before bed when I don't have a book, but Lisa wants me to get this into my routine. I'm going to try!
  • Cuticle Nipper, not a Shaver! - You know those little implements that nip at cuticles? This is Lisa's favorite. I loved the little Shavers,but what I've come to realize is that they are not good enough. They create bigger problems later on. In this case, the quick solution is indeed not the best.
The Beaute Box
Peeling Nails Home Care
Really, we all know most of the things to do here (keep your nails polished, wear gloves when washing dishes, hydrate, etc) but Lisa had additional information on buffing out the peelies once you have them. Quite simply put: Buff toward the "good" part of the nail. In my case, I tend to peel from the ends of my nails. So I should peel from the tip, toward the base where the cuticle is. This will remove the peel, but keep the good part of the nail intact and ready to grow healthy. Side to side buffing will not help - you're buffing the peel away but not down to the good part of the nail. I found this most curious.

For the moment my nails are Shellac-ed with Asphalt in order to keep them protected while they grow out. They are down to the quick, and that's not very comfortable. But with Lisa's suggestions and a little luck I hope to get my nails back to their functional length soon.
The Beaute Box

Incidentally, Ms. Lisa is looking for more vintage furniture. If you know some at a good price, the Beaute Box might be interested.

To make an appointment at The Beaute Box, try their facebook page.