Thursday, December 1, 2011

December: My Send the Trend and JewelMint Accessory Picks

I love waiting my inbox on the first day of every month. Usually I wake up, go to work (if it's not the weekend) and then see that I have "My Showroom Ready" in the case of Jewelmint, or a notice from Send The Trend that there are new selections. Sometimes I like to show them here, like I will today.

In terms of Accessories for December, I think of three things:
  • Glittery - the holiday season is upon us and chances are I'll want to look like a glowy sparkler at least once.
  • Warm and Cozy - the approaching Solstice doesn't mean "warmth" to me, but the signifier that very cold days are approaching and I had better be ready. Ned Stark said it best: "Winter is coming!" Sometimes it's already here, though Dayton is a lot easier when it comes to snow than Michigan.
  • Cheap - As in "I'm cheap". I'm looking for the most bang for my buck because I've been buying for friends and family. Or I've splurged recently on myself and my husband during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Either way, I'm out of cash. 
The last item means that I'm going to be very picky when it comes to what I pick up in December. I'll show you what I liked after the jump...

Send the Trend - Brielle Gloves
Send The Trend - View My "My Style Picks"

This company really hit it home for me in terms of the three things I keep in mind. Because I'm on their list to get previews, I've actually already made a purchase for this month: The Brielle Fur Fingerless  gloves.These are perfectly my style. Ohio usually isn't cold enough for me to worry about my finger tips, but I love having warm hands when driving and typing. I'm typically sporting a pair of these in my office. Last year I wore a cheap no-frills pair that went up to my elbows all winter long. The Brielle's will be a nice update. 

Warm and Cozy

The Gladwin Olive Fur Stole sort of follows this thought line - the faux fur is a nice touch and seem cozy. But I have to admit the Fallon White Cable Scarf is
where my money would go - if I didn't already have something better than this in gray from Target. You have no idea how awesome a scarf with pockets is in the winter until you try one out. You can  put your cell phone in those things when you need to, or they can work as hand warmers in a pinch. My scarf from Target has a hood - that's the only thing that gives it an edge over the Fallon.

Persephone for the Smart Buyer

Last, for that bit of bling I mentioned I love, I'd say your buy this month would be the Persephone Crystal Bracelet. Send the trend has had some excellent value when it comes to wrist wear. Specifically, I always look for their cuffs. Not too long ago on Ideeli I saw a "Meghan Fabulous" crystal peacock bracelet and pondered purchasing it only to see it turn up in black as a "phoenix" on Send the Trend. Retail value as noted on Ideeli was crazy high, but both Ideeli and STT offered it  for around $30 (edge to STT for free shipping and slightly cheaper). I think the Persephone will turn out to be very similar. Consider her heavily if you're looking to invest your $30.

Arabian Nights
Jewelmint - Get an Invite Through Me

I'll admit, waking up this morning and noticing a huge crack through the center of my Jewelmint Silver Zip bracelet put me in a bad mood. But when I saw my Showroom  I was less than thrilled. I look to Jewelmint for those accents that are more personal, more collectable, and that I will continuously wear. Where Send The Trend is practical, Jewelmint is a SPLURGE. Guilty pleasure pieces! They are like crack! You want to collect them.  But this month, nothing really caught my eye as standing out.

Easy Rider
Out of the lack luster crop, The Arabian Nights bracelet stood out. It's different, fragile, and a piece I will think about because I don't see items like this being offered very often. However, I don't see it as a $30 purchase.

Likewise, the Easy Rider necklace looks to be the most versatile piece I have seen in a while. You can dress it up, dress it down, loop it around - everything you need in your standard chain. It has a little flare in the change in textures. It's easy to see why Easy Rider is listed as "Almost Sold Out" already. Not only would it be a great staple to have but it would be a great gift.

Rosie Palace
Cute, but Not Quite Right...

The last two items that caught my eye I mention were the Rosie Palace Dome Ring and the Prarie Rose Pendant.  However, they make my "Missed the Mark" list for the same reason: they look cheap to me. I think The Rosie has a lot of potential but missed the mark on the central crystal. I don't know why but I think it looks silly! I actually would have preferred a stone. Still, I could be tempted to splurge $30 for a cheap cocktail ring with some bling. Bonus that it sort of looks like a " bejeweled nipple."

Prarie Rose On the Other hand, the surrounding beads in the necklace look like you could buy them at Jo-Ann's. I don't usually like Jewelmint's South West inspired pieces anyway.
Prarie Rose

In a way I'm glad I'm not as happy about Jewelmint this month. I spent way too much on them in October and November, even if it was mostly for friend gifts. So, should I find myself with the need for a pick-me-up beyond the Brielle's, I'll be visiting Send the Trend with my cash this December.

Note: If you are going to purchase from JewelMint I strong suggest checking out their Facebook Group or the blog Jewel and Mints for discount codes. Rarely should you EVER pay full price for JewelMint. There's always a code.

Did your closets, showrooms, December picks yield anything that caught your eye? Let me know. I'm curious what you found.