Monday, December 5, 2011

Exploring Dayton: I found a little "Peace on 5th"

Peace on 5th - 2011

Having trouble finding Peace on Earth this holiday season? Well, you can actually at Peace on 5th in Dayton, Ohio. Peace on 5th is "pop up store," meaning that it will be around for a limited time. As I understand it these pop up stores give  Dayton a chance to fill their empty spaces with fun and exciting new shops while giving would be store owners a chance to try out their store concept with an actual store front.You can read more about it at Activated Spaces. Peace on 5th is interesting in that it actually benefits a charity the Dayton Peace Museum, something which I have only recently heard about.

When I stepped in and smelled the wonderful scent of pumpkin spices. In the spirit of the holidays and peace, I picked up a pair of the candles making the lovely scent for my neighbors next door. And, since my husband and I have a thing for puzzles, I picked up a gorgeous wooden puzzle set for us. My friend Teresa was enchanted by some mugs that said "Change your thinking, change the world" while our friend Katy was purchasing glittery ornaments off of a Christmas tree in the back. 

Peace on 5th - 2011
Everything in this store had a story. If you ask the store operators they can tell it to you. As we were tasting olive oil we were told the history of the grove in which the olive trees from which the oil came were grown - a history that dated all the way back to Ancient Rome.  Items like these make easy gifts to purchase because you know some of the money is going to a good cause, and you're getting something special. It's the type of store I miss seeing, the type of store I left behind when I moved here from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I hope that Peace on 5th's stay in downtown Dayton extends beyond it's January 12 (?) expiry date. I would love to see this shop thrive. If you are in town, I urge you to check it out:

Peace on 5th
519 E. Fifth St.

All of the items in Peace on 5th are fair trade, slave-free, and eco-friendly. In the event that you do not get down to the store in time to catch it in the 5th street location, I am assured that there is a store in the Peace Museum proper.

Now I need to go visit this museum... and shop there as well.