Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest Review: Chian Glaze Brownstone, Urban Night and Westside Warrior from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection

I'm swimming in polishes right now and I haven't been applying as many on a regular basis. So I asked my friend Kara to do some swatching and review for me, and a chance to play with some of the colors. Personally, with her olive-toned skin I thought these colors look fantastic on her. But lets find out what she has to say...

When Styrch asked me to try out and review China Glaze’s Metro collection, I was a bit reluctant. Mostly because I didn’t really care for how the colors looked in the bottle – darker and muddier then
what I normally wear – and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to give them a fair review because of

It turned out that the colors looked better on my nails then I expected that they would, but I still don’t
think that they will even make my list of top 10 favorite colors any time soon.

Kara's Note: I took the photos of Westside Warrior and Brownstone after a couple of days
of wear. I took the photos of Urban-Night the morning after I applied it.

Styrch's Note: Kara typically does not wear a base coat or a top coat. Please keep that in mind.


I wore this Brownstone first, and of all of them this was the color that I liked the best.

A warm, reddish-orangeish, rich brown. It reminded me of layers of fall leaves plastered in the
storm drains after a rain. This is a good fall color, but nothing that original or special.

Pretty average. I put on two coats, and while it was a touch streaky, it wasn’t bad.

Pretty good. I tend to put on nailpolish at the beginning of the week and leave it on all week. I
didn’t start to get any chips or cracks until around day number 4.


I will be honest, I am not a purple nail polish person at the best of times, and I think that this color was
the weakest of all of the colors in the collection.

Dark purple with red undertones.

Disappointing, to say the least. There may have been a problem with the particular bottle
that I used. It was very streaky and runny, and even after three coats the color was still very uneve on
my nails.

Again, disappointing. It may be because I needed to put on more coats then I normally do, but it
started to peel almost right away. I had pretty big chips and chunks missing by the end of day number 2.

Westside Warrior

Styrch said that this one looked the best on my hands, and maybe she is right, but when I put it on, the
only thing that I could think of was “Linda Blair”. (You know… “The Exorcist”? The infamous pea-soup
scene?) Styrch: To each their own.

Khacki green. Pea soup green, if you will.

Really good. It applied very smoothly, and was almost completely opaque on the first coat.
I barely needed two coats, though I put two on because that is what I normally do.

About the same as the wear on Brownstone. It lasted for a good four days before I started to see
any edge wear or cracks.

These polishes were furnished to Styrch by PR for review purposes.  Styrch and Kara do not sell China Glaze products nor are they affiliated with China Glaze in any way.