Friday, December 23, 2011

Hausfeld's is Dead (not entirely), Long Live MavRes!

If you hang out South of Dayton (like me) you've heard of Hausfelds Salon and Spa. Hausfelds officially closed it's doors Saturday, December 10th. I heard about the closing before many of the employees, on Friday December 9th. I was a party at a friend's house, someone told me about the closing, and I was immediately on my phone emailing my stylist Genny, FREAKING OUT that I would lose her, Kim, Ariella and everyone else I'd grown to trust. She calmly responded saying that she'd call me. When she was finally able to say something she gave me a call and said "I am opening my own salon."

That sound you hear is my jaw simultaneously dropping along with a cheer because I'm so happy for Genny!


MavRes (pronounced Mav-REESE and named after Genny's two children), is located off of Wilmington Pike in one of Hausfeld's Salons old spaces. MavRes is, in a sense, "Hausfeld's-lite". Genny has been able to retain much of Hausfeld's old staff so if you frequented the Settler's Walk Salon and Spa many of the faces will be familiar. The training they have received is the same, because it is the same people. The services are similar. However, I must say the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than it ever was at Hausfeld's. And best for the consumer, the prices are definitely more reasonable!

Genny hasn't cut ties with Hausfeld's entirely. While she owns the MavRes space and it is her own spa, Hausfeld's retains their Academy several doors down in the same shopping center. Genny allows the Academy to use her salon on the days that Hausfeld's is not open. In exchange, there is a spa space, at the Academy that MavRes will use for facials and massages.

I made an appointment the second I had an opportunity and got my hair cut and styled by Genny for my husband's holiday party. MavRes had only been open a few days and I must say, they do have their act together. I was even offered an impromptu manicure by Ariella while Genny cut my hair. I had a wonderful time and will definitely be returning soon.

MavResMavRes is on Facebook and Twitter. Website will be coming soon I'm told. Holiday hours are in the works, and they will be open to do Holiday hair on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Call the salon for more information:

MavRes Salon
6060 Wilmington Pike
Centerville, OH 45459