Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Honestly, I know I'll be lucky to get a "maintenance" report this week. I've been into the wine a bit.

Weight: 160.4 lbs (+ 3 lbs)
Oh hello my nemesis number! We have to control you! I acknowlege your existence, now we go to WAR!!!!

Ok, now, I know part of this is water and part of it is eating/drinking habits.

Stuff to be proud of:
  • I still went in and taught Turbo Kick on Tuesday even though I was off on vacation.
  • I'm putting plans in place for January.
This time of year is just hard - especially THIS year. Least year I was "good". No, I was GREAT. I owe that mostly to the self-promised Althea Harper dress goal. This year I'm enjoying the holidays, and that means food and drink.

So tell me... how are you managing the holidays? Is there anything I should try? I want to know what your tips are.