Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weightloss Report

Wow! Christmas... Cookies! That's what Christmas was about. My mother makes the most awesome cookies and I was happy to eat them. But I did get some exercise in so I hope the damage is minimal...

Weight: 160.2 lbs (-0.2lbs)

Hey! I maintained! That's great news!

I have a new tool for weight loss which is sort of awesome. My parents purchased a BodyBugg for me for Christmas. It's awesome! I've been wearing it as much as I possibly can since I got it charged up. I discovered that I burn between 700 and 800 calories while sleeping. SLEEPING! But what this information can do is give me more clear idea on what I should be eating, not what anyone else thinks I should be eating in terms of calorie allotment. I've been pretty sure that my intake has been off for a while. I hope the BodyBugg will keep me on track and give me new insight into how my body is actually burning it's fuel.

In other news, my HUSBAND asked me when I was doing another Shakeology Cleanse. I can't believe he wants to do this with me, but I'm excited that he does! I was thinking mid January. Is anyone interested in joining us?