Sunday, December 4, 2011

Subscription Lingerie? What do YOU think of Adore Me's Concept?

You know I've been a huge fan of subscription based accessory sites. I've even ventured into subscription based shoe club memberships. Well I was contacted recently about ANOTHER subscription based service. But rather than decorating you for your day out on the town, this one is intent on decorating you for your bedroom.

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What is Adore Me?
Adore Me seems to work like other subscription sites. You create a profile. They give you a monthly show room. You are charged $39.95 per item/set you purchase, and you won't be charged monthly until you purchase your first set. You can, of course, skip months or cancel at any time. The difference here is that it's bras, panties, sleep sets, seduction sets (for lack of a better way of putting it), and hosiery. Could potentially be pretty cool, right? So why am I hesitant?

My Potential Issues with Adore Me
 While I love the idea, that same idea has my skin crawling just a bit.Here's why: Any commercial site offers returns. And if you've watched the Today Show in the morning I know you've seen at least one expose piece on how lingerie is treated for in-store purchasing at places like Victoria's Secret and Target. Now I'm not saying that this would happen with Adore Me, but when I tried to ask the person who contacted me about how they treat returns, I was getting answers about refunds for credit and the such - not the TREATMENT and RESTOCKING, which was what I was more concerned about.

Update 12/05/11 -  When AdoreMe saw my post they contacted me assuring me  that they only accept returns if they are in their unopened packaging. Product is kept in backstock and not sold for sanitary reasons.

What I Like about Adore Me
I don't refresh my intimates as often as I would like to or as often as I should. It would be good for me to freshen up with the seasons. And hey, I'll be honest - nice lingerie really makes me feel glamorous! And they offer a wide variety of sizes, though not necessarily in all styles. That's pretty cool!

Regardless, Adore Me has a small selection at the moment, that's because they are new. I may be interested in purchases once this site has more of a selection.

Have you purchased from Adore Me? If you have, please let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: While I am not an Adore Me affiliate at this time, I am thinking about it. They did offer me two free lingerie sets in return for a post - one for myself, and one to give away. I may take them up on that. If I do you'll see more posting on this site as I investigate further.