Thursday, January 5, 2012

Check this out - Althea Harper gives packing tips!

I've told you before that I am a TERRIBLE packer! Everyone who has traveled with me will tell you this. I came across this video when I was looking at Althea Harper's site based on a post that went up on Facebook. She gives some excellent packing tips! But that's not what I loved about this video. What I love is how Althea turned her dress into a top the next day. Styling ideas! Check it out:

That may have just convinced me that the shirt dress I was questioning when I saw the collection pictures is actually useful and versatile.


  1. I may be banned forever from PID but this is all I can think of after seeing her

  2. i'm a terrible packer as well, take way too much useless stuff... we'll be going for a little trip in a couple of months, this time around I'll do a little research into successful and efficient way to travel :) Thanks for this post :)

  3. Lucy - No problem! I thought others could use the info. I do highly recommend Althea Harper's Sittella line for travel. Also her jersey items from her regular line. Everything is so comfortable.

    Bill - I don't think anyone can dispute the beauty and sexiness of Althea. I find her very enviable. :)


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