Friday, January 20, 2012

Giveaway: Have YOU tried sneakpeeq yet?

If you're answer is "no" then you've come to the right place, my friend, because sneakpeeq just offered Pretty in Dayton readers a chance for a Giveaway AND a 20% discount if you're new to sneakpeeq.

What is sneakpeeq?

Olive Natural Beauty Oats & Honey Luxury Set
(Yeah, I bought this on sneakpeeq).
sneakpeeq is a very large (and growing) daily boutique sale site that offers exclusive discounts to brands that myself, and may of you, may be interested in. Every day sneakpeeq adds new brands to their existing sales. Sales last for a limited period of time and have a limited selection from the brand in themHowever there are several differences:
  1. sneakpeeq chooses to feature new or relatively unknown brands. They want to be the place you go to find something new, not something you can find everywhere.
  2. sneakpeeq is entirely based on Facebook and is set up a bit like a game. You know the item featured, but you don't know the sale price until you use a "peeq" to view the sale price. 
  3. You get rewarded for your interaction on the site through Badges.
Up-cycle Candle Holder
What's a "Peeq"?
It's a cute term. A "peeq" is an option to view the sale price of an item, nothing more. You get 20 peeqs per day. That's actually a lot of "peeqs"! You'll realize quickly that 20 is more than enough to get a satisfying experience on sneakpeeq each day.

Cake Suzette Adventurous Hot Chocolate Trio
The roll of BADGES
Badges are the other "game" component. As you use your peeqs, share with friends, . and make purchases etc  you are awarded Badges. Badges can later be exchanged for discounts on items you want to purchase. Definitely useful! While Sneakpeeq doesn't tell you HOW to earn badges, some of the names of the badges can give you little clues. The first badge I earned: Newbie.

Note: this giveaway is open to new sneakpeeq memebrs only.

Let's see what sneakpeeq will give us. Right off the bat... 

sneakpeeq is being so nice to us! Everyone who enters this giveaway gets 20% off your next purchase just for entering!

However, there will be two additional prizes. The people awarded these prizes will get to "double dip". Not only do they get 20% off, but they also get their prize. Without further ado...

Prize #1: $25 Dollar Gift Card to sneakpeeq for one lucky winner!!!
I really wish I could win this myself. Believe me, I've had a look around the site and "peeqed" at quite a few things. Many of the items on sneakpeeq would be covered by this alone. But there can be only one true grand prize winner.

And a runner up prize...

Prize #2: $10 Dollar Gift Card to sneakpeeq for one other lucky person!!!!

While this may not cover an entire purchase, it will come close!

Enter the giveaway by clicking on this link: Enter the Pretty in Dayton sneakpeeq Giveaway and joining sneakpeeq!

Remember: You'll get 20% off any purchases just by using that link. You can only enter through that link - not through any other service. So make sure THAT is how you join.

The giveaway will end in 2 weeks time (January 27th I believe). After that, sneakpeeq will give me the names of all entries and I will choose randomly who wins. Be sure to check back on Pretty in Dayton to see if you're a winner!

After you have a look around, please tell me what you saw that you liked in the comments below. I'm so curious what you will find!!!