Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quest For My Pretty: Yay I'm Back on Track!!!

This past week I spent a lot of time sleeping. Why? I had a 3 Day weekend and I was just plain tired! Sometimes the mattress just calls. I actually was wondering if I was fighting something off. But on Monday I buckled up, started Les Mills Pump as my primary program, practiced Turbo Kick, and of course I taught class yesterday. Aside from some not so great food choices I did pretty well.

Weight: 160.4 lbs (-1.8 lbs)

See! Back on track!

Incidentally, I'm doing the Shakeology Cleanse right now so I'll report on how I've done on Saturday morning. We'll see where I stand. I figured I needed to do one because my friend is having a Toga party Saturday night. I need to look extra luscious in my toga! Well, that's just an excuse. I wanted to get back on track.

Hidden Calories
This past week I discovered something horrible. The wraps I've been getting at my Deli counter at work have 300 calories... just for the wrap itself! That doesn't count anything I put into it. I thought they were half those calories. Since I eat them fairly regularly, this may account for some of my "issues" this past year in losing. Because of that I also followed up on the Veggie Burgers I eat on a regular basis. I'm happy to say I've been overestimating those so I'm good on that front. Slowly but surely I think I'm learning the ins and outs of my cafeteria at work such that I'll make smarter choices.

Where do you think YOU might have hidden calories? I'm curious to know because there could be something I haven't thought of for myself.