Thursday, January 19, 2012

Story Time! The Ohio Classic III, Althea Harper... and Me?

How in the world did I end up in THIS situation???

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Me posing in Sittella Venice Dress by Althea Harper

Back in December I had a very cool opportunity. Well, I didn't really realize it was going to be an opportunity until it happened. I guess sometimes life is that way.
Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Model in Althea Harper and Sittella
I met with Althea Harper at my house. A mini trunk show exploded all over my living room (love!) and I got to choose some items. Then we talked and drank prosecco with her friend Fiona (also very cool). One of the things that came out of this discussion was an invitation to the Ohio Winter Classic III. Althea told me I could see more of the pieces I didn't get a chance to see, and could come and have fun. What happened was quite a bit different from what I expected.

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Model in Althea Harper
I arrived at the appointed time, well before Althea. That's ok - Althea has fashionably late down to a science. I got a chance to talk with some of the other participants in the Ohio Classic III while everyone was prepping for... something. What that was I didn't know. I knew there would be trunk shows. I thought there would be garments walking. I knew there would be an after party. Here's what actually happened from my point of view:

I had a BLAST!

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Althea prepping Sittella
Althea arrived with this giant box of goodies! I was happy to help her unload it. We discovered there wasn't a rack on hand so I suggested turning Therapy's entrance way beaded curtain into a hanging display for Sittella. I also made a call over to the lovely Tracy McElfresh who graciously loaned us a garment rack she wasn't using. While Althea's husband Stewart was picking up the rack, I got to fold clothing on a display table and arrange stuff. This is all stuff I hate to do at home... folding clothing? Displaying things nicely? I didn't even know I could do that. HOWEVER... getting to do this for someone who has a fabulous talent, with the added benefit of getting to play with the samples? TOTALLY WORTH EVERY FOLDED ITEM, LIFTED ITEM, FETCHING TASK IN THE WORLD!!!

Next thing I know, the models had been styled and Althea was looking for garment ideas. She asked my opinion about putting pieces from different collections together - which I'm pretty sure she had decided upon ahead of time but she chose to include me in her decision (sneaky...). Happily, I started pairing tops with bottoms, and arranging pieces on the clothing rack by type, handing things off to models, giving nervous self-conscious models encouragement.

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Mandalynn Rae modeling for Clash Consignment
In the mean time, more of Althea's family and friends had arrived and next thing I knew I was being handed drinks and hanging with them like I was part of the group instead of an outsider. Of course, I did carry that very large tub of ice and Stella... so I think may be that earned me a space. But

At this point I realized no models were walking. It was pretty much Brandy Story taking pictures with Kidtee Hello

assisting. It was a fascinating process to watch, not only for Althea's clothing but also seeing how other Dayton businesses (like Clash Consignment for example) worked with the photographer and models. I was just soaking it all up and loving it.

Then the unthinkable happened.
Althea asked me what dress to show next from Sittella. I suggested a Venice dress in wine that I liked. The color is really gorgeous and I felt like she hadn't photographed enough of her color range for Sittella (personal opinion). Althea said "no... we can't do that one it's too big." My response: "I would do it!" Something I totally didn't mean. But guess what...

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Me in Sittella being posed by Kidtee Hello

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th

And just to prove how AWKWARD I was... VIDEO!

That video was taken by Althea. Look how silly I am! Yeah... I bought that outfit too! I think that was the point. Althea pulled the same trick on another friend of hers who walked away with one of the most beautiful skirts from the Fall 2011 collection. Very cleaver, Althea... I'm so on to you (but I don't mind your tricks). :)

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Althea And Tracy
Anyway, soon it was a wrap and it was time to party and dance. The lovely Tracy joined us and I was finally able to get two of my favorite fashion people together.

Overall it was an awesome night! I really hope I get the opportunity to do something like this again. It just goes to show you, it's not work if you think it's fun!

Ohio Classic III - Dec. 27th
Althea and Tracy (a second photo)
By the way, I hope I'll be able to tell you some fun news regarding Sittella soon. No promises though. I'll just leave you with that teaser just in case!