Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspiration for your Valentine's Day Kiss...

I am ashamed to admit that after almost 9 years of marriage I think my husband and I have forgotten how to kiss. As we're trying to relearn the art of the "make your knees weak" kiss, I thought I'd share some Kiss-n-speration with you. And context is EVERYTHING with a kiss, right?

In random order...

Westley and Buttercup - OF COURSE!

The "Gently" kiss was a good one too, though.

Damon and Elena

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfreid - just because my husband likes it. Please excuse the f-bombs.

I tried to find a hot guy-on-guy kiss because I think that I want to represent something for everyone. Unfortunately, I just couldn't find one I liked... wait! Maybe this one, just because it's ERIC!

Thankfully I found a clip that cut off before it got too graphic. Why is it always graphic when you have same sex couples? Maybe those are just the ones I remember...

Cleaning it up a little, here's Harry and Sally:

And I can't NOT have this... because we all know it's romantic to kiss in the rain.

In my opinion that clip cuts off a little short. But you get the idea.

And a classic kiss - bare with the crappy commentary here. I LOVE this kiss from Grace Kelly to Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window:

Oh yeah... and for those of you who want to see Bella and Edward Kiss, their first kiss was my favorite. But I can't find a good copy to embed, so click the link. 

Sure, a kiss may become common place, but a good kiss... a REALLY GOOD KISS can be something that is hard to come by. You know, the tingly kind of kiss. When you kiss your Valentine today, please remember that the really good kind of kiss is something to be sought after and cherished.

To those of you who've still got it, you ROCK!