Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quest For My Pretty: Stalled In NYC

Hello lovely readers!

You may have noticed that this is the third week in a row that I haven't sent out a Quest for My Pretty update. In fact, that's unprecedented. However, in the history of this blog I've had an unprecedented amount of travel over the last three weeks. Consequently, I have not been near my scale.

So what have I done?
  • I have made a point to ask for a room with a larger foot print upon checking in to my hotel so that I can work out (Turbo Kick).
  • I've been in NYC, so I've been walking as much as I can. One trip included walking around the MET and then walking back to my hotel over 50 blocks. If I can't get my workout in, at least I feel good about my movement.
  • Killing time at the airport is no longer about sitting and waiting! Believe it or not, airports are great for pacing. That's extra steps! I know one other workout enthusiast who suggested to me that I use seats or benches for chair dips but as I'm usually in a skirt at the time of airport travel... that might be a little inappropriate. I'll settle for dragging my luggage back and forth, thank you!
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back to posting more regularly soon. I just wanted to let you know I have not abandoned my quest!!!