Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quest For My Pretty: Weekly Weight Loss Report

A week of traveling, a week off. And then anther week of traveling with Valentine's Day thrown in. I really didn't expect to lose this week (or rather over the last three). There was a time before I started trying to lose weight that when I traveled I EXPECTED to lose weight because of sheer amount of walking I did. But that was before I started exercising regularly. Watching my BodyBugg while I was in New York I discovered several things:
  • On the days I fly out I burn more - I am more anxious and running around. Also due to the return flight being at 9:00 PM I'm not sitting around the airport as often,.
  • On days when I am in business meetings all day I burn LESS than I do on regular working days - This has to do with the fact that my Dayton campus being so much larger than the New York office and that I get breaks to walk around during my regular day.
  • Because I have altered the way I eat I am now eating MORE when I go out to a business dinner rather than less - that's just the nature of the beast.
So unless I get time to do extra exercise in my hotel room or walk 50 blocks there's no way I can meet my new daily calorie expenditure on a regular basis during regular business travel.

Weight: 163.8 (+3.4 lbs)

Ultimately the conclusion is that when traveling I will have to keep tighter control over my food than previously thought. I'm ok with a gain, having learned from my experience.

Back to business. I'm rededicated to Les Mills PUMP and am teaching Turbo Kick twice a week. Lets see how it goes!