Friday, March 16, 2012

Are you a fan of MAC and strictly use Cruelty Free Products? Check out Phyrra's Blog.

This is an important read for MAC fans who are also using their products because they are Cruelty Free.

Earlier today I saw a post tweeted (and retweeted, and retweeted, and retweeted) that questioned MAC's status as a Cruelty Free company (read said retweeted post). I sincerely hope that many of the conclusions drawn in the aforementioned post are incorrect, but either way I agree that the Cruelty Free stance of MAC is now in question and should be clarified by the company.

I'm personally not great at CF vs non-CF make up purchases. I say "oooh pretty!" and I buy.  But I felt the need to share because I consider this an area where I can improve, should I choose to do so. But I also know that many readers out there ARE Cruelty Free supporters. If I can get this information to even one of you that hasn't heard yet who really wants to hear it and act, then great!

What Phyrra Did
Phyrra wrote this very well, and gives supporters of the Cruelty Free stance way to make their voices heard. She's so awesome she even provided you with an address and a sample letter.  Check it out. Make your own decisions on whether or not to act.

Heartbroken by MAC by Phyrra