Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting Shot by Kidtee Hello, Melissa McManus and Josh Lucas - I don't know what we did but it was fun!

March 4th photo shoot

Last week I finally had my Beauty and the Beast photo shoot with Kidtee Hello (facebook, website). To tell you the truth I had been freaking out about it because I had no idea what I wanted to do for the shoot, just that I wanted to do SOMETHING. Fortunately, the photographer, hairstylist Melissa McManus, and Makeup Artist Josh Lucas were all very understanding and fun.

March 4th photo shoot I know many people who would consider subjecting themselves to makeup and hairstyling for over 3 hours total torture. But not me! I really wanted to do this.
I don't have any great pictures of myself at my current age that I am happy about. The only picture of myself in the house that is hanging up is my wedding photo with my husband from 2004. I don't take pictures for my blog that are good enough to turn into art. Kidtee knows how to pose those people she shoots - plus I know she's a WIZARD with Photoshop. She claims she actually doesn't do as much retouching as people think she does, and I believe her.  But for a fun shoot I have no problem with her photo shopping me like crazy! Can make me into a size 6 and I won't mind as long as it's awesome.
March 4th photo shoot
Concept 1: My mask, with warm tones.

My other reason for doing this, and this is far more practical, is that for the most part people do not get portraits or fun pictures of themselves except for two reason: School/Graduation, and Wedding. Why aren't we more celebratory of who we are? Why don't we get a chance to play with the fantastical imagery? I don't feel like it should be reserved for the modelesque. Why not just for fun?

March 4th photo shootThat being said, I learned very quickly that this not just fun - it is seriously hard work. Not only does the subject (me) have to sit still for a good long while but taking a good picture is also really hard.  You don't know how many muscles are in your face until you're asked to relax them. Seriously!

The concept for the shoot, I was told, was all up to me. And after a week of torture trying to find the right look, I thought "Ah ha! I have it! I can do Harley Quinn!" So I loaded my bag up with a bunch of stuff and brought it along to the shoot. My thought was to get all crazy with it and probably a little wicked. But Kidtee didn't like the idea and set Josh and Melissa out to search for some ideas in what I had brought. The end result ended up looking a lot more like Venice Carnivalle than Harley Quinn, but who cares! Harley can be brought out another day.

March 4th photo shoot
Melissa's crazy box of pearls and lace.
March 4th photo shoot
Could you just DIE??? So much fun!
Although he didn't remember, Josh was probably one of the primary reasons I developed a MAC Makeup addiction back in 2005-2006 time frame. My mother will remember going to the Dayton Mall and having him play with color on my eyes. Josh was the first person to introduce me to Fluidlines and the 266 angle brush for a pinup look I was doing for my husband. As soon as I mentioned Wedge he said "yup that was me!" Apparently, Matt eye shadows are his thing.

I had never met Melissa before but she proved to be one of the most fun and easy to work with people I've ever met. So gladly, I let my skin and hair get tortured and beautified. I just had no idea what we'd really end up with.

March 4th photo shoot
Josh and Melissa snipping Feathers with crazy tree trimmers.
Using my Venetian mask as inspiration,  Josh decided to slash my face in half -  one half being the mask, one half being a veritable porcelain doll. He did this really neat lace effect along the divide by stippling MAC Cranberry (along with a few other colors I can't remember) into the lace to create alternating stripes. I still have the lace,and it will be framed with my final photo.

March 4th photo shootMeanwhile Melissa built a scaffolding of bobby pins under my hair and made it huge and poofy. Oh yes! It can be done! But I was picking tiny bobby pins out of my hair for several hours, even after my shower and subsequent combing. Tricky tricky, my little red head!

Lastly, Melissa dove into some feathers I had bought at a the last minute after my friend Sable got me nervous by saying "just go get rhinestones and feathers". Her suggestion turned out to be a good one because Josh dove into the rhinestones and put them all over my masked face. The sticky metal studs (which I liked much better - and can be purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics), made an interesting pattern down my neck. The whole look was topped off with one tiny rhinestone glued on nose ring. I liked it so much, I'm actually really tempted to get one for myself.

The whole process took about 5 hours time and only about 15 minutes of that was actual Kidtee shooting me. Between concept creation, makeup application, and hair wizardry I had to invite these poor souls out for a drink afterward. After all, the $200 I paid was definitely not enough given the effort they put in.

March 4th photo shoot
Poor sick Kidtee spent most of the day on the phone with Kleenex

I had a ton of fun, I can't wait to see the final images. Yes, you'll have to wait... patiently with me.  In the mean time, Kidtee has a photoshoot tomorrow at Clash Consignment - one of her last before she moves down to Nashville Tennessee.

To Kidtee, Josh, and Melissa - Thank you for this opportunity! I'm sorry I was such a pain in the ass. However, I would love to work with you in the future, should there be an opportunity and should you also be willing.

Have you ever done a photo shoot just for fun?