Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Smells? Yes! Happy Smells!

Sugar Vanilla Bean Candle
You know all about my curiosity around scent and emotion - I've spoken about it every once in a while on this blog. But I read this post this past week on Bella Sugar called "Five Scents Guaranteed To Make You Happy". needless to say it got my attention. I'm not going to reitterate the post here - you're far better checking that out on THEIR site. But, I did ask my favorite Gold Canyon Candle representative Melissa Keenan to check the post out and asked for recommendations to correspond to each scent type. Here are some her recommendations if you want to invoke happiness with home scent:

Sandalwood Jasmine Candle - $17.98

 Yes, that family of scents is probably my favorite... if only because I adore the "Man in a Can" scent. I actually find it inspirational, believe it or not.

I'm normally not much of a "rose" fan. My nose tends to get irritated. But I find that with the right quality of rose scent it can be quite pleasant.

Baby Powder - $17.89 (good cause purchase!)
Jasmine AND Rose - A double threat to the blues!

Lemon Ice Candle - $17.89
Note: There are many scents that list "Citrus" as a scent note. You may find that some of those have a strong lemon scent, even if it's not directly called out. 

Licorice (in the form of Anise)

Coast Candle - $23.4
I tried to mostly select the ones that Melissa suggested that I could verify on the website based on description. But poke around - you may find some others that peak your curiosity. And definitely look up the scent. While I pointed to the candle in most cases, you can also find theses as home fragrance oils, scent pods, etc.

Go check out the Bella Sugar post, make your mind up about what scents might be best for you. And consider working with my girl Melissa. She can absolutely tell you what is best!

Disclaimer: I am unaffiliated with Gold Canyon Candles. I just happen to really like them and want to support my friend in her business.