Monday, March 5, 2012

Off-topic: Yes Non-Republicans! There is something to vote on Tuesday!

It's amazing how many people out there think that there's nothing to vote on tomorrow simply because the Democrats don't have a presidential primary. But there really is so much more to vote on! Like Congress! You know, that third branch that everyone yells about when they aren't yelling about who's the president.

Ok, so I don't like to get political on my blog. I really don't. But I have a friend who is running for Congress in the tenth district of Ohio. Yes, that's Dayton... and sadly NOT my district (just barely, by about half a mile). But I love what my friend David Esrati is doing and I wish I could vote for him. One of the reasons you haven't seen too many blog posts lately is because I've been busy making phone calls for his campaign. He doesn't like to do robocalls - they cost too much money. He doesn't accept money from PACS, special interest groups or corporations. He's really trying to take the money out of politics, and subsequently allow congress to start voting for the PEOPLE rather than owing someone who donated to their campaign.

I don't want to tell you who to vote for. I can't even vote for who I'd like to vote for because he's not in my district. And sadly, my district has crappy coverage so I don't even know anything about who's running that I can vote for. But if David Esrati is in YOUR district, you might want to take a look at his campaign material at Elect Esrati. You may also like to check out his blog for information on ALL the candidates running for congress tomorrow.

Regardless, check out some of David's videos. This is my favorite. :)

Check out more on the Elect Esrati channel on YouTube. And please forgive this political interruption on a fashion, beauty and health blog.