Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overdue Pictures from my NYC Trip Back in Feburary... Specifically Tiffany & Co.

Specifically, I'm just going to focus on my Tiffany & Co. pictures...

Once when I was in high school my choir went to sing at Carnegie Hall. A group of us decided to go have "breakfast" at Tiffany's (har har). My mother, a chaperone, took us to eat danish outside the store and look in the windows. That was 15 years ago. I had never been inside the actual 5th Avenue Flagship Store...

New York City - February 2012

New York City - February 2012

I have to say I was surprised at how laid back this store really was. I have been in some Tiffany stores and have felt so out of place. Here I was encouraged to look, try on... After I made my obligatory Elsa Peretti purchase the wonderful man who helped me encouraged me to visit every single floor. He said it was an absolute must! He was right.

New York City - February 2012
I started on the ground floor then just traveled the elevators. I totally don't remember in what order I visited the floors, but I'm pretty sure I stopped at the engagement ring section first. My wonderful store clerk practically said he'd throttle me if I didn't go and peak up there.

New York City - February 2012
Engagement Rings
Yes, I'm surprised... Apparently, young ladies, their friends, and their mothers actually go to Tiffany's to choose out their rings. I had no idea! Really I always thought the ring was supposed to be a surprise, that men somehow have the engrained knowledge that they need to choose exactly the right ring. I guess not!

New York City - February 2012
Isn't that ring just the best thing EVER???

I just about died when I saw that sapphire ring. Seriously, could anything possibly be more cute?

New York City - February 2012
I WISH my table looked as nice as this...

I don't think I've ever been to a store that seriously made everything look wonderful. EVERYTHING!

So many times I've been to New York City for work and I haven't gotten up that way! I'm always staying in Midtown, over 50 blocks away. Everything closes before I can get up to Tiffany & Co. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yes, I went there too.


Better yet, I WALKED all the way back just to get even more exercise in after huffing around that museum for several hours. Awesome day! I can't wait to repeat it!

New York City - February 2012

I called my mother as I was walking back. She seemed relatively shocked that I was walking around BY MYSELF in New York City. Seriously, it feels safer on those streets than Toronto. It was a lovely night and I just had to walk the 50 blocks. Too bad I had blisters on my feet the next day. It was worth it.