Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quest For My Pretty: Let's tackle the "Buts" so I can get rid of this BUTT!

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I had indeed gained weight. This is regardless of having made huge improvements in daily movement over the last week (Monday I clocked in over 18000 steps) and consistently having my BodyBugg register that I've burned 2500+ calories. At least that's on the days when I actually AM working out. The sad realization I had is that I've developed a very bad habit of not working out on the weekend - leaving my workouts for my work days. This coincides with my heaviest calorie days - I just don't do well on the weekend.

So I am gaining weight, and I have bad habits. Let's do the good old excuses list and invalidate them!

My Excuses For Not Doing What I SHOULD be Doing
  • But I want to sleep! - Exercise is known to energize. I've experienced this too. So I need to make a rule: Unless I am truly tired, get at least 20 minutes in! Pull out that 20 minute Turbo Jam or the 15-20 minute HIIT from Turbo Fire. Just do it!
  • But I am waiting to hit it hard core with my challenge group in April.  - While this is true, it's no excuse. I should be living the good habits now so that I can better guide my challenge group in April.
  • But I want that chocolate cake!  -  I need to have BETTER things on hand to grab. We've known this.
  • But I am HUNGRY! - I have been eating more. I need to pace myself. I need to log what I'm eating. It's sort of like how I gained post high school. I rev my metabolism up but fail to keep it there and continue to eat like I have the metabolism of a hard core athlete. I should fuel myself, but only as appropriate. 
  • But I want that drink! - I have to choose a limit and stick to it. One drink max  when I'm out at the bars or restaurants, better if I skip it. One night a week I will allow myself 3 drinks max. That may mean putting the stopper in the bottle of wine. The key here is to start cutting it out to a once a week thing. But the weekends are KILLING me with alcohol indulgence lately (warm weather does that).
  • But I'm reaching my calorie limit, step limit, activity limit! - My BodyBugg may be my enemy right now. I see the high numbers and I think I can eat more. Often that snack is chocolaty and laden with carbs. I need to hit the goals, but not use them as an excuse to eat more.
  • But I know what I should eat!  - Clearly I do, but I'm not following it. I have no excuse NOT to log my food. It's on my phone. I need to get back into the habit. Screw the BodyBugg app - just focus on Lose It since I love that interface.
  • But I don't want to do my scheduled workout! - Pick another one. No program is going to suffer because I chose to do something else because I didn't feel like practicing Turbo Kick or lifting weights with PUMP. I should do what I want to do.
  • But I'm frustrated because of my plateau. - It's not a plateau anymore. I'm GAINING. A plateau is better than that. I need to.
  • But I'm better than I used to be. - Not true. I'm falling into old habits. If I look carefully, I'm the same person who has the same temptations. 
  • But I want my Shakeology by I already had it for breakfast. - Maybe I need to rethink when I drink my favorite treat. And maybe it's not so bad to have two. It's better than reaching for that chocolate cake! 
  • But I'm probably going to try to get pregnant this year. - Yeah I said it. A few years back a doctor told me she wanted me to lose 20 lbs before I started trying. I promptly gained 30. I think I'm running into some of the same issues. Why should I push just to destroy my body? Do I really want to do this? I need to re-evaluate my whole thinking here as it relates to my weight.
Here's what I want to remember.
  • But I want to wear the fun/nice clothing. 
  • But I want to be healthy. 
  • But I don't want to go to the doctors very often. 
  • But I want to kick ass in softball. 
  • But I don't want to be limited in any physical capacity! 
Yeah... goals!
    Story Time...
    I was talking to one of my Turbo Kick class participants (first EVER male student) after class yesterday. He was talking about how he wants to get leaner around his face and some parts of his body. He's using Turbo Kick to do something in addition to his running. I told him that I too have "tummy bulge" so I get it. He said "But you're clearly a very fit individual." My response: "Yeah, I am - but my food is off."  I blurted it out, tired from workout. It was the plain truth. My food IS off. I've identified it. Now I need to tackle it.

    I can do this!