Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quest For My Pretty: Weekly Weight Loss Report

Yesterday's After Turbo Kick Picture!
New Outfit for a New Round
I did not report my weight last week. However, I did take it. It was 169.something. That's why I just took a step back and said "Woah, let's check what I'm doing." Over the past week I've been practicing for teaching a different Turbo Kick Round, and so my workouts have been better. I've been trying to make smarter food choices, though that doesn't always work, so portion control is also something I've been working on again. The problem is that post Turbo Kick teaching I am just SO HUNGRY and mindless. I just want food! Braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnns.....

Anyway, I think some of last week was also water weight. So here's today:

Weight: 166.6 (-1.6 from last official weight in, -3 from last week)

Good. Let's see if I can keep this trend going.

You won't see a weight next week, but watch my for some (hopefully) fun updates. I will be blogging a bit less until after the Easter Weekend.

Pushup Challenge
I feel off the wagon a bit last week, but every time I remember I do twice as many pushups. So I'm pretty sure I'm braking even. At least it's a habit that forming.