Friday, March 30, 2012

Review: Scenting My Home - This Time with Scentsy

Last weekend I was invited to a party at a friends house. Just a girls night. We traded clothing and I brought makeup I was looking to unload. Leslie Bissett else brought Scentsy products.

Scentsy Cerise

What is Scentsy?
I'm sure many of you know this already, but I did not. Scentsy is a company that primarily specializes in flameless candles. In other words, melting wax get a scent in the air. In theory there's less danger of the open flame, and some people say it's better for the environment (I won't make that claim since I really don't know). The company also sells warmers (of course), car scents, travel tins, and various body products. They have a new range of perfumes I'm eager to try at some point as well.

Scentsy Cerise
The Scentsy Scent Bar
I have been interested in the "flameless candle" concept ever since discovering Gold Canyon Pod Warmers (which I still love). My reason for seeking a product like this out were that I often like a good scent at bed time to get me ready for sleep. Well, that and my cat Cicero has a habit of sniffing candle flames while lit. But my husband was always worried about me leaving candles lit unattended - this concept alleviate those fears.

So What's Good About Scentsy? 
  • Range of scents - I was shocked at how many are offered. In many ways it's overwhelming. The easiest thing to do is to find a scent family and go from there.  Me, I love the Scentsy Man collection. I find that range totally sexy. 
  • Control over scent strength - Unlike the Gold Canyon Scent Pod, you can easily break up a Scentsy bar to use one or two (or more) wax blocks at a time. This does help you control how much strong your scent is. With a Scent Pod, the strength could be overwhelming the first few uses, then taper down to being more manageable later on. 
  • Mixing scents is easy - If you want to combine more than one scent, just break off squares from different scent bars and combine.
  • More bundle options - I am a huge fan of Gold Canyon Scent Pod bundles, but Scentsy takes it a step further and lets you add whatever scents you want into bundles of 3 or 6. The idea is that, for example, if you buy 5 you get the 6th one free. Awesome.
  • Works with what you have - If you have a warmer, I would be willing to bet you can get your warmer to work with Scentsy products. Of course, they can't guarantee proper melting if you do this, but I haven't had a problem yet. I used my Pod Warmer oil adapter by Gold Canyon and had no issues.
Scentsy Cerise
Solid square in my Gold Canyon Pod Warmer

Scentsy Drawbacks
  • Scent reuse is minimal -  Unlike Gold Canyon Scent Pods, it seems like once you melt the wax with Scentsy you may want to dump the wax and use a new cube the next time. I don't mind this - but the scent is SIGNIFICANTLY weaker if you try to reuse. If I compare to the Gold Canyon Scent Pods  I do sometimes get more uses out of these. (Note: I was using the wax in my Pod Warmer oil adapter which could be a factor). 
  • Cleaning is annoying - I think with Scentsy you have two options: dump your wax while it is still warm or wait for it to cool down then chip it out. Either one has it's draw backs. If you dump while the wax is warm please be warned as most warmers are HOT at that point. I did end up purchasing a light socket pod adapter with my first Scentsy purchase and found that I could not touch it at all when it was on. Supa-hot!
  • Warmer cost is high -  There are so many to choose from which is a plus, but you are looking at dropping about $30 for a warmer. If you're in the market for a warmer, the bundling packages are the way to go.
  • No way to tell what was in your bundle on the receipt - Yes this is a big deal for me! With Scentsy's huge catalog, how will I ever remember what I ordered when I go to repurchase???
Over all I am excited to have found this line - it's super fun! I also prefer the simplicity of it's concept in terms of the shopping experience compared to working with other home scenting companies. I was extremely happy with the speed of shipping (only a couple of days) and I find the Scent Bar very competitive in price.

Pricing Comparison between Scentsy and similar Gold Canyon Items:

ProductGC PriceScentsy Price
Warmer$29.98 and up regular price
No bundle pricing presently.
$20 and up
Yes the plug in can easily scent a large space
Scent Pod/Bar$5.98 for 1 pod
around 5 uses
$5 for a block of 6 squares
Up to 6 uses
Bundle of 3$16.99
No choice in contents of bundle.
Bundles are seasonal.
Bundle is fully customizable
Note: Prices do not include tax or shipping etc.

Scentsy Cerise
Melted Square in my Gold Canyon Warmer
I don't want to diss my GC friends but I think the customization aspect is a HUGE advantage for Scentsy.  When I placed my first order, I purchased a plug-in scent warmer on sale (which I'm putting in my bathroom so my cat doesn't get into it), and a 6-scent bundle, and one extra scent on sale. With shipping it cost me $55.91.  The scents I chose were Thunderstorm, Oats & Honey, Satin Sheets, Camu Camu (which totally needs to be a drink with Vodka), Sunlit Morning, Hendrix... and I think the last one was Coconut & Lemongrass. I couldn't decide between that or Quiver. I was also considering Skinny Dipping, and Zepplin (which yes, it does smell like a sweaty rock band). I love that this company has fun with their scents and the corresponding names!!! I get excited just talking about it.

Bottom Line
Scentsy is worth considering if you like the flameless candle concept. They have a large variety of scents at a decent cost. I can see myself becoming a Scentsy convert for flameless candles, then making my candle purchases elsewhere.

Disclaimer: The scent bar "Cerise" was provided to me by Leslie Billett for my personal use and possible review. I do not sell Scentsy products nor am I affiliated with Scentsy in any way.