Friday, March 9, 2012

Rock YOUR Red Pumps tomorrow! - National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Like last year, this year I am supporting the Red Pumps Project and I will be rocking my Red Pumps when I leave the comfort of my home (and maybe a little around the house just for fun).  The Red Pumps Project seeks to build awareness about HIV/AIDS. If you want to read specifics about the cause, please read About The Red Pumps Proejct.

But let me take a step back and talk about why this is important...

Just some quick HIV and AIDS related facts
Most of the information I'm listing here is actually available on The Red Pumps Project website. But in case you don't go there, here are the points that I think are the mot compelling:
  • A new person is infected with HIV in the United States every 9.5 minutes, with over 1 million adults living with HIV.
  • Of that 1 million, 21% of people in the US living with HIV/AIDS do not know they have been infected.
  • High-risk heterosexual contact is the source of 80% of newly diagnosed infections in women in the US. 
  • The largest number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses recently is in women age 15-39.
  • HIV is the leading cause of death for Black women aged 25-34 years of age (more than cancer and heart disease). 
You can find more facts on The Red Pumps Project resources page.

What YOU Can Do
Well, if you're reading this post I'm all about making it easy for you to help! Support the Red Pumps Project with a donation.  Get yourself tested and encourage your friends to get tested. And of course, ROCK YOUR RED PUMPS TOMORROW!!! 

If you do rock your pumps tomorrow, please post a picture of your pumps to the Pretty in Dayton Facebook Page. You know I love pretty red shoes!