Thursday, April 5, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Collection - Liquid Crystal and Ray-diant

How about some glitters?
China Glaze Ray-diant

China Glaze Liquid Crystal

I have to admit I've really been enjoying China Glaze lately. It's almost like they keep trying to out-do themselves. It feels like not too long ago we had glitters with the Eye Candy collection. And here they are again, but with a slightly different mix of glitter.

When I first heard the name of this collection I thought for sure they'd be holographic. It turns out they are really glitter combinations in different semi-transparent bases. Liquid Crystal's base is blue, and Ray-diant is somewhat yellow-gold though the color doesn't show up that way with my flash. The glitter particles seem to be the same combination for both polishes but the bases hide different things. I could be mistaken, however.

Two coats over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite. It looks in the picture like Ray-diant needs a third coat but on the nails but in person it doesn't seem to.

Actually, both polishes chipped very quickly on me for  glitters. I usually get really good wear from glitters but I had big chunks falling off the next day.

Bottom Line
They're pretty, and they actually are fun to wear together. But I don't honestly think you're missing much. Slight edge to Liquid Crystal between these two. I got compliments on them when they were on my toes.

This polish was  furnished to me by PR for review purposes.  I do not sell China Glaze products nor am I affiliated with China Glaze in any way.