Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Models!!! More from Dayton Fashion Week Casting

In an earlier post I discussed some things I learned about about Model Casting from my experience this past weekend with Dayton Fashion Week. Today I want to talk about the models themselves. Most specifically, I want to talk about MY favorite models! My opinion may not count as much as the designer's opinion (how could it?) but hey... I  do have one and I was there. And maybe, just maybe, some designer for Dayton Fashion Week will say "Hey... that Styrch girl may be a blogger, but she's also a consumer so maybe I should think about who she liked..."

No, I'm not giving names because mostly I don't know them. Sorry. And no, I don't have their numbers so look for your dates elsewhere. I do NOT have the hook up! Ok?

In order of appearance... 

303 - The PERFECT Girl

The only thing I can say about this girl is that you don't know what you're looking for until you see it. This girl set the bar! When she stood in front of us, I wasn't sure what to think (she was the third person I'd seen after all). But the second she took off down the make-shift runway at Pasha Grill my novice eyes bugged out of my head and I probably said out loud "OH MY GOSH!!! I GET IT NOW!!!"  This lovely young lady had a beautiful walk! Her book was stunning too. I hope that our designers choose her because she was fabulous! I'd watch her walk down the runway in a paper bag and buy it right off of her knowing I can't fit into it, you know? THAT girl! I think we might be friends on Facebook now, actually. I really hope she lets me know what the outcome is!

304 - The Charming Personality Girl

I would have loved to have had this lovely young lady sit and chat with us for hours. I know it's not about personality, but her walk was really great too! One of the best of the day, in my opinion. And doesn't she just have the most gorgeous neck you've ever seen? I think she could win anyone over.

306 - Mr. Photogenic

Maybe it's the hair but I remember seeing this guy before we officially started casting and I thought "yeah, I think I'll like him." I remember his photos being just great! He stood out. And I hope that I'll see him on the runway come July.

307 - The Cult Fav

This girl reminded me of Juliet Landau so much, I may have been blinded to everything else. Her walk wasn't perfect (she needs to loosen up with her right arm a bit). But any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan out there is probably thinking what  was thinking, "Get the young Drusilla out there and watch her kick some ass Fashion Week, yo!" At the very least, have her do some print work. It think she'd be the slayer.

310 - The Young Hotness

This fresh-faced beauty was a favorite, I think, of the judges. I couldn't hear the entire conversation but we talked with her for a long time (comparatively). She had a different, more exotic, look, and a beautiful magnetic smile. I could see her being used both for print and the runway. She seemed easy to get along with, and very relaxed compared to most of the people we saw. And seriously cute as a button!

313 - Mr. Swagger

You need to see this one in person. Seriously, this young man had some major SWAGGER in his step! He walked like a man, and he had some nice pictures to back it up. He had a beautiful smile, he knew he was good looking, and he didn't let it go to his head. When I say that confidence makes a HUGE difference, this guy is what I was talking about! Not to mention the fact that he had a book that was just... well, drool worthy. There was this one black and white picture of him in a wife beater and jeans... gorgeous. I want him to cut his bags shorter, though. Just because. Nice guy too!

314 - Ms. Local Beauty

We got people from all over! But this girl, I'm pretty sure was local. She  wasn't as tall as many of the other models, but she took great pictures and was quite pleasant. She was the girl next door (literally for someone around here I'm sure) and I hope she makes it into the shows or some of the print publications. She'd be great for that. I'm also pretty sure she's the one who turned around and we all collectively said "I want that butt!" But I can't remember for certain - we saw a lot of butts that day!

318 - Future Supermodel

There was something about this girl. She just sparkled (just like her glittery pumps)! Yes, she probably needs more practice on in her heels but that's ok. There's an "IT" factor about this young (really young) girl! You want to say "come back in a year please!!!" And at the same time, you don't want to let her go because she could be BIG! And you know it. But she's at that awkward stage where we hope she can clean her skin up a little bit, get used to the heels and she would KILL IT!!! Loved her. Just loved!

319 - Fashion Heroine

Yeah, this girl's been there done that. She rattled off her list of shows from New York Fashion Week this past season. You know she can handle what you toss at her. Plus her book had a picture of her holding a gun like she was a bad-ass action heroine. But she didn't really seem to let it go to her head. She was very down to earth. Come on people! Let her work!

320 - Ethereal Beauty

I really loved this girl! It's hard for me not to include her in here. We were divided on her because she's so skinny. It's probably her body type, I really can't hypothesize. But I hope that we'll see her back but as a 2-4, not a 0-2. Being too skinny, it's also hard for designers to get their clothing to stay on (they have to do all sorts of stuff, pin it in funny places, etc). So yes, there is most definitely such a thing as too skinny. And this gorgeous young woman may be it right now.  She has some real beauty there and talent I'll never even hope to have. I keep remembering her - and that means something to me.  I really hope we see her again.

321 - A Classy Kind of Sassy

Here's the interesting thing - this model is also a designer! And you better believe it when she got out there in front of us she was working it! She had more personality in her walk than anyone else we saw. I hope that they find room for her in one of the shows because she will be a real treat to watch strut her stuff down the catwalk! And, not to mention I think it's pretty difficult for her to take a BAD picture. Come on. She's way too gorgeous.

322 - Runway Slayer

I don't think of this girl as a conventional beauty, and that works in her favor. She's completely memorable. And, as I recall, we all very much enjoyed her walk. She stood out - and not just because she's over six feet tall (seriously, she's a foot taller than me).  I wish I had a motion shot of her because she was pretty awesome!

326 - "Wow You're Tall And Built" Guy

I think one of my fellow panelists was very happy to see this man arrive in our line up. Good looking and can you see those muscles through that shirt??? Super tall at 6' 4". What's not to love?

327 - Mr. Unexpected

Here's someone I wasn't sure about. He was quiet, very well mannered, had a nice walk. I wasn't sure there was anything "special" at the time, but you know what? I remember him in a positive way. He has such striking features, he's pretty unforgettable. I don't think he had that much experience, and I remember him being one of the shorter guys we interviewed. But you know what? I bet he could get trained up really fast!

329 - Echos of Jensen Ackles

If you've been reading my blog long enough you know I have a thing for Jensen Ackles. So when this former Abercrombie and Fitch shirtless model (oh yes he was) showed up I wanted to pack him up in my purse and truck him home. No, Styrch! You're too old! Seriously, though... super nice guy, knows what he's doing. Put him in your show and I'll show up! I  promise! I wonder if he's as handy with Colt as Mr. Dean Winchester...

338 - "The Dog Guy"

So, while things were wrapping up this guy totally walked by with his dog. Several of us... our heads just turned and followed him, walking this little dog. We yelled poor Paige down and made her run to grab him, made him fill out a form and stick on a number. And you know what? I think he'll get the job. Poor guy walked that runway with the same confidence as he walked his dog and that's exactly perfect. Yay us, scouting from our seats!

340 - Your Gorgeous! Please don't smile quite yet!

Lastly, here was this gorgeous beauty. And I truly mean BEAUTY! She's stunning. She even has a beautiful smile regardless of her braces. But in some of her pictures, that's all we could see. Yes, she'll kill it on the catwalk and those wires come off this fall I believe. But we were all wishing for an airbrush touch up on those braces. Other than that she's perfect. And I have no doubt in my mind that someone will book her for this event. It would be ridiculous not to because she's go the goods.

And there you have it! My favorite models of Dayton Fashion Week Casting Call. My opinion absolutely doesn't count, and if you were left off this list that doesn't mean you weren't good or weren't memorable. These models were just the ones that got a little "check" next to their number on my list that I used in order to remember the "Yes, please! No doubt in my mind!" people. There were MANY others... and thank you all for coming out. I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon!

All photographs belong to Lamar Pacley of Shutter Eye Photography. Thank you for allowing me the use of your images in this post as well as for educating me during the Casting about what works as a print model. You were extremely helpful!