Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Changes to this report

Hello lovelies!

I know you're expecting a weight loss update. Well, you're not going to get one today. I will be changing my weigh in days to Mondays to coincide with a new Fitness Accountability group I am leading on Facebook. There are five of us, and I want to make sure I'm in sync with them. So you'll be getting my Weight Loss Reports on a different day. Incidentally, the group runs for 30 days. I'll be starting a new one in May if you want to join in.

In other news I had an interesting accomplishment this past week. I spent a very extended weekend with Vegas. Without taking the monorail or bus, just walking from place to place, I managed to walk over 20,000 steps in one day! That's twice as many as my normal goal. Other days I had over 15,000 steps. Moreover it was simple. Nearly every day I slept in, or took a nap, or laid by the pool (yes I actually went out in my DKNY swimsuit I purchased last year - no I don't have a photo). But the sheer amount of walking I did around those incredible casino and resorts... I had no idea! I have to find ways of replicating my activity here in Dayton where walking feels like such a chore.

On the downside, I did not make my Push-up goal. I just didn't. I failed. I think I should start over with a new goal. Maybe add it to my 30 day challenge coming up.