Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taking a Break - I need to "regroup".

I sat down today and did some thinking.  I am not happy and I'm stressed out. Here are the things on my plate right now on a regular basis (in rough order of priority):
  • My health and happiness - I can't do anything for anyone else unless I take care of myself. Reality is that I just went off a BUNCH of medicines (yay), but I need to make sure I stay healthy and I need to get back on track with my weight. 
  • My family and my home life - My husband is super stressed out because of work. That carries over to me because I generally pick up a portion of my stresses from him.
  • I have a Full Time Job - I love my job. I've acquired a few projects lately that is requiring time commitment on my part to get organized. And I want to do work at work, and home stuff at home - I have too much cross over right now since EVERYTHING I do is on the computer.
  • I have a Side Job - My Beachbody business is important to me. I love helping others if I can. The extra cash doesn't hurt either.
  • I am also a Fitness Instructor - Turbo Kick actually takes quite a bit of my time. I have to learn the routines, I have to organize the class, I have to teach. And I want to do more of this.
  • I have a Beauty/Fashion blog - more and more this blog seems to be less devoted to the things it started out being about: nail polish and makeup. I've strayed into Weight loss (which has helped me quite a bit), and I've begun to ADORE fashion. But I miss my blog being a hobby rather than an obligation. I need to find the FUN in this blog again.
  • I have a TON of other hobbies I want to do - Obviously I write, I knit, I paint, I have started learning to cook and am enjoying it... the list goes on. But I can't do everything. And I can't REPORT on everything. It takes too much time.
Clearly I need to focus...

So what do I want to focus on RIGHT NOW
My ladies in my Fitness Challenge Group. I have 5 lovely ladies and I want to help them reach their goals. Doing so I believe will help me reconnect with my original fitness goals as well. This blog isn't doing that for me right now. And I want to be there for these people who have put their faith in me to help them with what they need. For the next couple of weeks, until this group gets really going and under control, I need to have my free time devoted to them rather than nail polish, makeup and fashion. We're going to kill this Fitnesss Challenge, and come out better on the other end. I truly believe that. I need to be the example.

I have some commitments in terms of this blog I have left of fullfill They will not be forgotten or abandoned. But I want to be organized to do these right and I don't want my attention divided. Specifically these commitments are:
  • Penhaligon's Fragrance Reviews - Oh I have some wonderful scents to tell you about - samples that were sent to me. But I need to get my muse going again.
  • Zoya's Summer Collection - I've got yet, yes I do. But I want to give it to you in a post full of the entire collection and not just a polish at a time.
  • Dayton Fashion Week -  I'm going to be a panelist for their upcoming model castings. I'm super excited about. And it will be AWESOME for the blog, I'm sure. But I really need to get organized for this one since it's something I've never done before. Can you believe I was asked? I can't.
  • (Possible) Althea Harper News - I've been talking with my favorite designer. We have some things cooking together that I hope actually work out. I can't let her down - she's become one of my peeps!
  • (Possible) review - how cool is that? It's not a done deal, but I'm working on it. After all, glasses are a part of my every day life. I'm sure the same is for some of you. This could be a fun review. And I may be able to get you a discount code for it. So I want to make it happen.
 See what I did there? I made a To-do list.

So, I won't be gone forever. How could I? I'll still be painting my nails after all. I just need to shift a bit of my focus. And I need to find the "Happy" in blogging again. I don't want to write halfheartedly.

Let me take a break. Let me devote the next couple of weeks to my Fitness Group. And let me get organized. I will be back, and hopefully a better blogger for it. If you're hear when I return, thank you. If you're not, well, then that's ok too but I'll miss you.