Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update: Dayton Fashion Week Model Casting Call Details

I'm sure you've seen me mention on Facebook and on this blog that I'm going to be a panelist on for the Model Casting Call for Dayton Fashion Week this Saturday. I'm totally honored to be asked - never though this would ever happen in a million years! But you know that. What you might not know are the details. So local models, READ THIS:

Dayton Fashion Week Model Casting Details
This is exciting because Dayton Fashion Week is looking for all races, shapes, sizes... there's probably something for everyone here, but I do have some specifics things I know we'll be on the lookout for:
  • AT LEAST 15 YEARS OLD AND UP - That's the hard core line right there.
  • TALL PEOPLE  - 5' 8" and up!!! You must be at least that tall to ride this ride, folks. That may not be tall to you, but it is to this short girl.  And there is at least one designer who only wants 5' 10" and up. So if you're tall, come on down!
  • MALE MODELS - There is a serious lack of them right now. So if you know some great guys, bring them!
  • PLUS SIZE MODELS - Also in serious need. There's one designer who wants up to size 20 so get your "fiercely real" selves on over to the Greene! (I can't believe I just used "fiercely real". Thank you Tyra Banks).
Overall, they'll (we'll?) be looking for around 45 additional models. You'll have approximately 2 minutes with us, so let your personality show!

Now that you know if we're looking for YOU, you need to know where to go:

Day: Saturday, April 28.
Time: You MUST be registered by 1 PM to be seen!
Location: The Greene Town Center, Town Square

There. I think that's everything. Stay glued to Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page for further updates. I'll try to keep any additional information I hear on my Facebook page as well. The forecast at this point is expected to be cold and wet. I'll be out there all day. Wish me luck staying warm and dry and I hope I get to see you Saturday!