Monday, May 14, 2012

Quest For My Pretty - Weight Loss Report

The Abs are coming back!
(don't look at the middle, just look at the obliques!)

My Weapon of Choice, Les Mills Pump Bar
So this week was a tough one for me. On Saturday I had my first Softball practice of the year! I'm so excited about that. It came right on the heels of my Turbo Kick Class. But I followed it with a celebratory trip to Sammy's for Tilapia fajitas and... the Margaritas! It's "Penny Margarita" night on Tuesdays so the server just kept on bringing them. Saturday I had dinner out at Olive, an Urban Dive (my favorite - more on that later), and the Sunday was a two meal out day for Mother's Day, which  I try to avoid. Not the "Mother's Day" part - the two meals out part. It's so hard to stay on track when that happens. Consequently  I ended up going for extra laps around my block A LOT this week, just to make up for eating transgressions. But overall I did pretty well.

Weight: 166.0 lbs (-0.8 lbs)

I can't complain with the week I've had. I really can't. That's good.

Next week, my challenge will be Traveling. No weigh-in, but I'll write up for you (or video?) my travel strategy so you get to see it first hand. Sound fair?

Anyway, let me leave you with some delicious pictures from this week.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and Oatmeal Pancakes drizzled with Honey

Sashimi, of course!

Chicken and Hummus Wrap  - A Yummy go-to meal!

My May Challenge Group Started today too! We're going to rock it! My April Group has graciously accepted the challenge of helping them along and together we're all going to make a difference in each other's lives! I also now have a non-Challenge Accountability Group on Facebook if you'd like join. Just send me a note and I'll tell you how. It's not as intense - just motivation and a place to go for support. Great for people just starting out.

Until next weigh in, stay healthy!!!