Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dayton Fashion Week - The Model Look Books

Hey yo! It's Saturday and I have some fun things for you!

I was just sent the Model Look books for Dayton Fashion Week. Do you want to see who will be walking the catwalk? I sure do - most of these people I haven't seen yet so I'm super curious! We've got the adults AND the kids, so lets have a look shall we?


And THE KIDS! - so cute!

Dude, I so wish I had been into this as a tiny tot! I remember doing one fashion show for Jacobson's, a department store in Ann Arbor. I remember it going around like a whirlwind. But I was about 7 years old so of course I don't remember much. But I remember a lot of fuss, a lot of nerves, and then not getting the clothing I was wearing afterward when I did remember liking it a lot. Not for lack of my parents trying - the outfit sold before they could even try for it. I hope these kids have a ton of fun!

Anyone you know in either of these videos? See any hot new stars?

Be sure to check out Dayton Fashion Week's website and Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page to stay up to date on what's going down in July!