Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Help a Local Dayton Artist - Nick Sanitover, Stone Print Maker

Someone once told  me "if you like art, you should buy it." With that in mind, I'm writing this post.

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer, reading through my emails between meetings, and a very good friend forwarded me a message. My attention was caught, and I hope yours will be too.

Nick Sanitover is a local artist with a MFA in studio art printmaking. He also teaches part time at University of Dayton. His particular medium of choice for print making is one that not a lot of people choose to undertake. My friend described it as a "dying art" but that he has an awesome opportunity for a residency in Berkeley, CA at the Kala Art Institute.  For Nick this is a huge opportunity and he needs OUR help to make this a reality.

Check out Nick's video plea to us patrons:

What does collage have to do with print making? I wasn't sure either. So I asked Nick to explain further about what he plans to do in Berkeley:
"In short, Lithography is a process by which an artist uses greasy drawing materials to make an image on an actual piece of grained limestone (from Bavaria) and uses a printmaking press to print the image.  Because water and oil do not mix, the greasy drawing material will attract ink from a roller, the stone will hold water in its open areas and the artist can faithfully print the image over and over again.  It is a wonderfully seductive medium.  I will be drawing on stones that have been forming in the earth since the Jurassic era, the same stones which have been lugged over seas, used to print old bank notes or commercial goods. 

So basically, I am traveling to Kala because Dayton does not have the facilities to allow this to happen.  Also, I am going to respond the physical and mental experience of travel to make my new work.  The work could not be made elsewhere because it will be a specific response to this experience."
In case you didn't read that, the take away is that Nick can not physically do what he wants to do in Dayton. So he is going elsewhere to complete his project.

Please consider making a donation and helping nick in his desire to further his studies in this art form. He does plan on bringing his knowledge back to the Midwest. Go to Nick's Website and view examples of his work.Watch is video. And then please donate.

I'm excited to see what Nick can do when he's given the space, proper conditions, and dedicated time. Aren't you?