Thursday, May 17, 2012

My First Adventure Into Glossybox

Glossybox Contents - April 2012
I have never tried one of those "beauty sample in a box" services before, so when Glossybox first contacted me I reached out to my fellow blogger community and asked for thoughts. Apparently, this particular service has quite the well respected reputation overseas and has recently made a splash onto the US beauty scene. So, since I was given the opportunity I choose to go for it.

Birchbox Contents - April 2012

What I know about the US Version of Glossybox
  • They offer sample packaging of Brands you love and some you've don't know - yes you will be given items you've never heard of before, but hey it's fun to try something new. 
  • They will always give you AT LEAST 5 items in each box - Contents of your box will vary, as (I assume) will your satisfaction with each purchase.
  • You CAN buy a subscription ($21 a month) -  You can buy longer than 1 month subscriptions. And boxes CAN sell out.
  • You CAN buy more - The site will link you to where to purchase the full product or more of it. That's really cool.
Glossybox Contents - April 2012
I'll be honest - when I first saw my Glossybox my first thought was "Oh no! will people be paying mostly for this wonderful packaging? I hope not!" That being said, the packaging was phenomenal. The box really looks like something special, right down to the actual cardboard box it's packaged in. Then you get this cute pink inner box, wrapped in a bow. You also get a a slip of paper listing all your products in your box and their retail size and value. Super cute!

Glossybox Contents - April 2012What DID I get in my box?
In short, the same thing everyone else got:
    • FULL SIZE - Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel  - $24 for 0.5 oz retail. I actually am enjoying this product through the scent annoyed my eyes at first. Now that I know how much to apply it's wonderfully soothing.
    • FULL SIZE - OPI Kiss Me On My Two Lips  - $8.50 for 0.5 oz, unless you know where to look (hint). Not my color of choice right now - too safe. But hey, it's not bad.
    • FULL SIZE - C.O. Bigelow Lavender and Peppermint Body Lotion -  $12 for 5.2 oz Haven't tried it yet but it smells lovely. Reminds me of innocuous "hotel body lotion" when you're staying someplace really nice.
    • FULL SIZE - CARGO EyeBronzer -  $22 for 0.0035 oz. LOVE this! Check out my eye using the bronzer with some of my other shadows. It gleams, it's smooth application. I don't even mind the wand. But I do recommend a base. 
    • Sample Sizes - Erno Laslow Hollywood Collection -  Full size retail at $125 for 5 x0.5 oz. I have no idea what to do with this. There's Morning Beauty Rescue, Refresh Moisture Infusion, Instant Eye Repair, Intensive Porcelain Veil, and Velvet Night Cream samples. I think there are several uses for each sample so if the price is right this is probably generous. No I haven't tried anything yet.
    • FULL SIZE - Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Toffee -  $18.10 for 0.135 oz. This felt good when putting it on but honestly, really not my color. Gives me less than mannequin lips.  I'm excited to have tried this brand finally, though! Don't worry, won't subject you to the pictures I took of me wearing this color. 
Glossybox Contents - April 2012
Krayolan High Gloss Brillian Lip Shine in Toffee
Not being subscribed to the service yet, I can't really judge it.

Bottom Line
Although I think the items will be hit or miss each month, I do think you'll get your money's worth of product. Then again, a product that you won't use isn't worth it. In this case, yes I'll use the Eye Gel. Yes, I'll use the Cargo. The OPI makes a great gift for a friend, so yes... well worth it had I been paying. I look forward to the future.

More Pics!!!
Glossybox Contents - April 2012
Cargo EyeBronzer Packaging

Glossybox Contents - April 2012
Cargo EyeBronzer Swatched

Glossybox Contents - April 2012
C.O. Bigelow Body Lotion

Glossybox Contents - April 2012
OPI Kiss Me On My Two Lips

Glossybox Contents - April 2012
Enro Laszlo Hollywood Collection Samples

Overall happy. But seriously, if anyone knows what I should do with those samples... let me know. Because I just don't know what I'm going to do with them.

This product was given to me for review by Glossybox PR. I am not affiliated with Glossbox, and I do not sell any of the products that Glossybox distributes.